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‘If they don’t do it, we will’: Greta Thunberg rallies climate strikers for long haul

‘If they do not do it, we are going to’: Greta Thunberg rallies local weather strikers for lengthy haul

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  1. It’s going to take two generations of serious responsibility to get us into recovery

  2. It needs to get done. The first step is admitting that we have a problem. Once we accept the existence and severity of our problem, we will be able to allocate the proper resources to ameliorating our problem,

  3. Do what? Plant trees and lower individual carbon emissions?

  4. “…we will” do what, exactly?

    > to act

    > we are the change.

    My pet dog could have been more specific about what to do, and I dont even have a pet dog.

  5. I love that all of these people are going out and protesting. The thing that attracts attention, its great.

    Now what I would love even more would be if all of these protestors voted. They won’t, some will, most won’t. Why won’t they? “Because my vote won’t count.”

    If change is to happen, change has to happen. The legal way to do that is vote out the old guard, legally show them they have done wrong, and put in someone to try and fix it. Major political parties of western democracies relying on only having to sway 51% of 38% has gotten us here.

    Stand up and vote once we all vote for change it can happen, but sadly, people are lazy and apathetic when it comes to exercising force upon government-voting is exercising legal force on the elected government. Push people to vote, drag them kicking and screaming into the light if need be. This is the only way that things can change

  6. She will be essentially forgotten in 24 months

  7. I’ll be dead in ~40 years. Fuck the environment.

  8. It’s gonna be embarrassing for her when she’s 28 and the alarmists goalposts move another 12 years.

  9. Greta’s gonna kill some billionaires

  10. We will find out when their time comes to rule. I suspect not.

  11. I’m all for saving the environment but using a child to manipulate the public opinion is not much different than the tactics used by the polluting companies. Disgusting…

  12. An autistic 16 yr old is not who’s going to change the mind of the opposition.

  13. And what is she actually going to do exactly? Her and all the other children.

  14. Socialist Pioneers like this young hero, Greta Thunberg are the founders and future leaders of Global “Green” Socialism. “Green” Socialism stands on two pillars, Leftism & Ecological. We believe that an unfair, US Western based Capitalist world society like ours is very wrong, and that a society that destroys its own environment for profit, is doomed to decay and eventual destruction.

    Greta Thunberg along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are jewels in the crown of the Global Socialist movement. Greta and other young pioneer Socialist Warriors like her are now changing the World and directing all towards Global Socialism using their courage and intelligence to stand up against Capitalism and the planets Imperial Elitists.

    Humankind depends utterly on the environment which supports our Human life. Capitalist industrialization led by the USA and other Western governments has been degrading this ecosystem – grow, profit, grow, profit. US based capitalism has been instrumental in the destruction of the global environment, and is a threat to ALL biological life on the planet. The biggest current threat is global warming, which Capitalists and the US and Western governments deny and other “free market” governments ignore. The Imperialist Capitalist has now ushered in the 6th extinction event.

    Many of you support Socialist change but are not willing to make the final leap to a Green Socialist Revolution. Why wait?

    Our society is increasingly unequal. Capitalism exploits us all – well, 99% of us. Our lives under Capitalism are built around having more and more “stuff”, and “I want” not about trying to be happy and trying to fulfill ourselves with what we need and helping the planet survive under a new Socialist State. People are addicted to ruthless unequal competition and endless material growth under Capitalism and fear sensible Socialist style cooperation. This fear comes from unrelenting Capitalist propaganda that more is “good” and less is “bad”.

    The current economic crisis was created by finance US Capitalists going back 100’s of years in an orgy of greed and criminality. It’s made most 1% US capitalists very rich while those below suffer. Their crimes now extend to the global community and is affecting the health of the Planet.

    Socialism rejects Capitalism in any form because it exploits workers, consumers and the environment. We need a radical transformation to a Socialist Society that values both people and the natural ecology on which people depend for life. The Capitalist drive for endless growth, endless consumption and HUGE inequality is destroying our ecosystem, our Human society and the entire planet.

    Bringing Climate Criminals to trial, conviction and imprisonment is justice for all. Leaders and Executives of oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, food producing companies, electronics manufacturers, transportation manufacturers, will all be removed and if need be tried and imprisoned for their crimes against nature and life on the planet. Bringing Social Inequality and Monetary criminals to trial is justice for all.

    Green Socialism would mean a better, fairer, happier life for all of us.

    Please vote Socialist in 2020! Vote Bernie Sanders! Only your vote can change things!

  15. My god, I’m gonna be downvoted to oblivion but I’ve got to say it…

    Greta has talked to 8 and 9 yo. Some of them are said to have “campaigned” to help climate change action.

    It is *terrible* to involve children that young. We are getting closer and closer to full on 1984 mode.

    I know it will be impopular to state anything that goes slightly in the way of climate change or activism, but come on! You are *so much* manipulable when that young, kid that age could be used by an unlawful power so easily.

    To let them in on issue such as climate change by anyone else than their parents is a disgrace. I’m shocked and disgusted at what this world is becoming. I’ve read multiple times on reddit that “the end justifies the means” isn’t valid. It’s time to be honest and put limits to what we are doing.

  16. When does Greta start the re-education camps?

  17. Yeah let’s all blindly follow a clueless child’s orders!!!!!!! Woooooo I love hype trains and band wagons!

  18. China says thank you for buying all their minerals to make the “green tech” while destroying our own economies. Too many emotional people to understand what’s going on.

  19. There are a lot of things we can do to curb this climate change anxiety but a vast majority of the population are unwilling to give up the luxuries that fossil fuels have afforded us. Ask yourselves what you can do. I see stuff that I find completely unnecessary in society that some of these climate activists probably use every day of their lives without a thought. How about we get rid of drive thrus? Vehicles idling while waiting for whatever was ordered. How about kids that are on a bus route be mandated to take the bus instead of being driven to school by a parent? The busses are aready running so why not use them? How about we get rid of all curbside pick ups at grocery store or restaurants? Once again vehicles are idling no matter the time of year or weather conditions. How about we not demand a new phone or device every 2 yrs? Those cute little devices are the direct results of fossil fuels and mining, can’t have plastics without oil, can’t have wiring with mining it, and all the mining, drilling and fracking requires more fossil fuels to produce it. These so called climate activists are dead against the use of fossil fuels and say we should be using renewable energy. Ok, now lets here them explain how we produce the renewable energy products without using fracking, mining or drilling. I personally have no idea how to produce any of those products without the mining, drilling and fracking process. What we have is what we and that’s great, but it’s the abuse of the luxuries that are the main cause for all the climate change hysteria. Maybe we should start cutting back and stop being so demanding of fossil fuels. There’s no argument that we need them and want them, but we also need to control ourselves and start asking ourselves if it’s a “want or a need”.

  20. [Screenshot of OP’s most popular subreddits](https://i.imgur.com/5BStdeL.png)

    [Screenshot of OP’s most used words](https://i.imgur.com/An2vq57.png)

    Make your own conclusions based on the evidence above.

  21. bad news Greta, your fellow teens will get jobs and experience real life after witch they will realize you are nothing other than a victim of special interest groups who will stoop to any tactic to destroy western civilization.

  22. Greta isn’t relevant anymore.

    Keep up Reddit.

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