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Ikea to launch plant-based meatball with carbon footprint 25% smaller than pork and beef

Ikea to launch plant-based meatball with carbon footprint 25% smaller than pork and beef

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  1. Only catch is that customers have to assemble the meatballs themselves

  2. The article says 25x less in the first sentence but the headline says 25%. My guess is that the headline is a typo. 25x would be expected for plant vs meat.

  3. Euhmm I thought the CO2 output for pork was already 10 times less than beef. So I have no idea how it can be 25% less then both.

  4. Currently in love with the beyond meatballs they have at Subway. Truthfully they’re probably the closest thing to meat on their entire menu!

  5. Wtf? 25% less or 25 times less??? Nationalshitpost.

  6. 25% really doesn’t seem lower at all considering how much energy gets put into raising an animal to the point of slaughter.

  7. The real question is how do they taste dipped in lingonberry sauce.

  8. They’ve been selling vegetarian “meat balls” for a while.

  9. I’m not a vegetarian, but I have, on more than one occasion, stopped at Ikea just to pick up some of their veggie hot dogs for lunch. They’re 75¢ a pop and pretty tasty.

  10. Animal agriculture is responsible for a crazy amount of land use (The leading cause of species extinction), stream/river/ocean pollution (plastic, phosphate and nitrogen), 14.5% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, bacterial resistance (80% of US antibiotics are used in animal agriculture), obscene amount of fresh water usage and probably many more things I’m missing out.

    Habitat Loss is the biggest cause of species extinction


    Land Use

    80% of Amazon deforestation




    85% of the UK’s total land footprint is associated with it.


    41% of US land is associated with it.



    Animal agriculture is responsible for the most significant phosphate and nitrogen pollution in streams, rivers and coastal waters worldwide.



    Dumped fishing gear is the biggest plastic polluter in ocean, more than 640,000 tonnes of nets, lines, pots and traps used in commercial fishing are dumped and discarded in the sea every year. The great Pacific garbage patch is estimated to be 86% fishing nets.


    80% of US antibiotic usage




    Water usage (including water used to grow feed)

    2500* gallons of water are needed to produce 1lb of beef, 477 gallons to produce 1lb of eggs, 900 gallons to produce 1lb of cheese, 1000 gallons of water are required to produce 1 gallon of milk

    *Water usage of beef can vary greatly from 422 – 8000, 2500 is a widely cited conservative number from Dr. George Borgstrom, Chairmen of Food Science and Human Nutrition Department of College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

    **50% of the worlds habital land is used for agriculture, 77% of that is used for livestock but only provides us with 18% of our calories.**


  11. Already available in IKEA in Montreal. It’s good.

  12. *ikea entered the chat 15 years ago

  13. Made of wood.,platenspltz.

  14. While buying wood from illegal loggers? How progressive…

  15. Most plant-based meats are unhealthier than they’re counterparts. The new plant-based burgers that were released have 90 more calories than their beef counterparts. 270 calories to be exact. They’re also small meaning they won’t fill you up.

  16. Ooooooooh. This is relevant to me!

  17. When you try and move them they just fall apart!

  18. Do I have to build them myself?

  19. It already exists.. I ate a plate of them like 2 months ago.

  20. I like how we are such a meat based culture that even when there’s no meat in it we still call it a meatball

  21. we are not rabbits dang it. one less thing i’ll buy from Ikea

  22. Doesn’t that make it a plantball?

  23. How much does a veggie have to be processed to look like and taste like meat?

    My guess is we don’t want to know.

  24. Oh cool. So if it’s 51% plant what’s the rest made of?

  25. What about all the forests that are cut illegally for their furniture? What about that footprint?

  26. They once had perfectly good vegan meatballs. They left and now they are back? I don’t understand Ikea.

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