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In a confrontation with Biden .. Did Trump emerge almost victorious in the closing debate?

The debate raged between US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden at dawn today in the closing debate, 10 days before the end of the presidential poll for the post of US President.

The two candidates exchanged criticisms on various issues, especially on how to deal with the consequences of the continuing crisis of the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

Trump stressed the need to get used to living with the virus, and said, “We have to recover, we cannot close our country to the end,” while Biden, in turn, objected to Trump’s talk about “living with the virus”, and said, “We do not live with the virus, we die with it.” This is in reference to the return of the daily average death toll to a thousand people and the injury of at least 50,000 others.

Who is the victor?

Geoffrey Cabaservis, historian and director of research at the Neeskman Institute, said in an interview with Al Jazeera Net after the closing debate between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidate Donald Trump that “Biden had won the sympathy of viewers and was able to strike several blows to Trump, but the most important thing is Biden’s success in demolishing the claim of Trump’s team.” That he became demented, old and mentally unfit. “

Stephen Rogers, a member of President Trump’s House of Councilors, disagreed with Cabaservice’s opinion, and saw Trump emerged as clearly victorious in the last debate.

Rogers said in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net, “President Trump explained in detail the accomplishments he was asked about, and Biden was not clear about a number of issues he was asked about, as happened in two main cases, the first when he did not know how to respond to the question: Are the cages built to hold children?” : When Biden wrongly claimed that Trump called himself Abraham Lincoln, this was not true.

Americans in New Jersey follow the debate (Anatolia)

Different debate

The measures taken in the debate, such as using a mute button and allowing each candidate to speak without interruption or overlap for two minutes, helped each of the topics that the debate focused on, which is confronting the Corona virus, American families, racial differences, climate change, national security issues, and leadership.

Trump showed more discipline as the debate opened, adopting a calm tone, speaking briefly and with clear, fluid language.

As for Badin, he was confused in several cases, and stuttered when answering questions related to the future of climate change, the energy industry, and his son Hunter’s record in suspicious financial dealings with Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese companies.

Violations and denials

Joe Biden denied that his son Hunter had committed any wrongdoing in his foreign commercial dealings, noting that in the proceedings to try to isolate Trump, “no one said anything about Hunter’s illegal actions against Ukraine.”

It was the most direct way in which the former vice president approached his son’s business ties abroad, which Trump and his allies sought to use to portray Biden as a corrupt politician linked to suspicious foreign money.

“The man who got into trouble in Ukraine was this man, pointing to Trump, trying to bribe the Ukrainian government to say something negative about me, which they will not do,” Biden said – referring to Trump.

Biden reiterated that he did not “take a dollar from any foreign government.”

Trump appeared more disciplined and clear compared to his performance in the first debate (Reuters)

10 crucial days

Rogers stated to Al Jazeera Net that “Trump won the debate because he was very direct and concise in answering all topics, while Biden did not, and thus lost a lot of support when he said he would get rid of the oil industry.”

Rogers stressed that, “Those voters who have not decided who will vote yet will choose to vote for Donald Trump, because they will vote in the end to take care of and improve their earnings and their living and financial conditions, and in the Trump era the economy was fine and recovering, and under Biden, America will move to become a socialist country.”

Despite their differences in evaluation, Rogers and Cabaservice agreed that the performance of interviewer Christine Walker was of the importance of the event, and that she did well and balanced between the two main rivals.

Prior to the closing debate, opinion polls had unanimously agreed on Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump at the national level and at the level of most swing states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida, states that Trump narrowly won in 2016.

With Trump’s commitment during the last debate to the advice of his advisers, his cautious and reserved treatment, and his appearance as a responsible head of state, the next few days will appear if he succeeds in achieving a breakthrough through which he reverses the rules of the electoral game that he needs to change the course of the race, which is clearly tilted in favor of Joe Biden’s competition.

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