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In a limited movement of people … an accused in the Regeni case was appointed as assistant to the Egyptian Interior Minister

A limited movement and promotions in the Egyptian Ministry of Interior revealed the appointment of Major General Tariq Saber as assistant to the Minister of Interior for Civil Status, one of the accused officers in the case of the murder of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, and he was an official in the National Security Agency (internal intelligence).

Egyptian newspapers published the decision of Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq to conduct limited movement and promotions for police officers at the republic level, with the aim of facing the security challenges in the country.

Activists said that the transfer of Saber from the National Security Agency to the Civil Status is, in fact, an exclusion before leaving the pension (retirement), given that National Security is the most important and influential sector of the Ministry of Interior and dominates the Egyptian internal affairs.

And last month, Italian Attorney General Michael Prettipino announced the end of the investigations into the case of the murder of the researcher Giulio Regeni in Egypt in 2016, with charges of premeditated murder, torture and kidnapping of 4 Egyptian officers, while the case against the fifth accused was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The Italian public prosecutor confirmed that Regeni was tortured several times during his detention, and died as a result of a blow to the head from the back, explaining that he informed his Egyptian counterpart the results of the Italian investigation, and that the Egyptian public prosecutor rejected these results.

The Italian prosecution revealed that the defendants are: Major General Tariq Saber, Colonel Aser Kamel Muhammad Ibrahim, Captain Hossam Helmy, and Major Majdi Ibrahim Abdel-Al Sharif.

In turn, Italian Member of Parliament Massimo Ungaro said that the Italian authorities were able to provide complete evidence to the judiciary of those involved in the killing of Regeni in Egypt in early 2016.

Ungaro explained – in an interview with the episode (1/13/2021) of the “Without Borders” program – that the Italian prosecutors believe that 13 people were involved in the kidnapping and murder, but there is evidence for only 4 of them, and therefore the trial will be in absentia against 4 Egyptian officers. “We believe that Major Magdy Sharif is personally responsible for the torture and killing of Regeni,” he added.

Source : Egyptian media + social networking sites

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