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In and around the home .. Learn smart tricks for using everyday things

It’s time to learn how to properly use everything in and around the home, from the correct way of tearing off the plastic wrap, to wearing crease-free shirts …

In her Australian readersdigest report, author Marisa Laliberta pointed out some wrong uses for many things, and outlined smart tricks for their use:

Food storage containers

Rectangular food containers are not suitable for use in the microwave because the food in them does not heat up evenly, so it is best to use circular containers.

Electric mixer

The arrangement of ingredients in a blender can make all the difference. To avoid any problems, you can start with the liquid base or yogurt, then apply the ingredients from smallest to largest, keeping coarse ingredients such as ice on top. The fluids will allow the blades in the blender to run smoothly without being stuck in solid ingredients.

The arrangement of the ingredients in the mixer makes a big difference, you must start with the liquid materials and then put the ingredients from smallest to largest (Shutterstock)

Ketchup bottles

Instead of shaking the bottle vigorously until a lot of ketchup spills out, you can hit the neck of the bottle with your finger, and the ketchup will come out of the bottle faster and smoother.


If you want to get grilled and crunchy food, you should leave the oven door slightly open to prevent steam formation.

Slow cooker

Opening the lid of the slow cooker removes the heat and spoils the cooking time, so you should avoid looking at the food by opening the lid or even moving it. As long as the bowl is half or three quarters full, your plate will be in good condition.

The best location in the dishwasher depends on the type of dirt on your plate (Shutterstock)

dish washer

A study conducted by the University of Birmingham showed that the best location in the dishwasher depends on the type of dirt on your plate, as the center of the appliance contains the strongest water spray, which makes it better for stains that contain carbohydrates such as potatoes or tomatoes.

The detergent is denser at the ends and flows down like a waterfall, making it the most effective place for protein-based dirt such as eggs, which need more time to soak.


Large kitchen knives are intimidating enough, and many people wrap their hands around the handle. However, your thumb and finger should be on either side of the blade when cutting food, so this trick will help you get thin slices.

Plastic wrap

We all know how difficult the folds of wraps stick to each other and how difficult it can be to loosen them. Therefore, you can use the other side of the tube and you will see a tab that you can press on the inside, holding the tube in place.

The ideal amount of toothpaste recommended should be the size of a pea. (Shutterstock)


Many doctors recommend that the recommended amount of toothpaste should be the size of a pea.

Buttoned shirts

You can use the small ring on the back of the shirt to keep it wrinkled free. Notably, it was added in the 1960s so that men could hang their clothes in gym lockers without getting any wrinkles in their shirts while exercising.


The type of bread you are toasting affects the temperature of the machine, so once the bread starts to dry out, you may need less heat to get the less cooked slices, which don’t take long to toast.

When the bread starts to dry out, you need less heat to get the less cooked slices, which do not take long to toast (Shutterstock)

Nail file

The old-fashioned way to cool the nails, i.e. rub the sandpaper back and forth on the nail, weakens the nails, so you can actually move it in only one direction, going from outside to center on each side before straightening the tip.

Cotton sticks

To clean the ear, many people use a cotton bud which is not hygienic and can lead to a build-up of earwax.

the banana

The correct way to peel bananas is to start from the bottom.

Make-up sponge

You have to put a little water on the sponge first to prevent the makeup from getting inside and help it blend in smoothly, and use small drops to apply it.

Counter-clockwise fan direction enables you to get warm air throughout the room (Shutterstock)

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can keep your home warm in winter, just use the pulley or switch on the side of your unit to counterclockwise the fan to get the warm air around the room.

Email notifications

You can turn off notifications or limit them to important contacts like your boss to enjoy the constant focus.

And a study by the University of British Columbia found that people who only checked their email 3 times a day were less nervous than those who could read their messages at any time.

Fridge drawer

Fruits and vegetables that rot faster need low humidity, which allows gases to be emitted as they ripen, so use higher humidity for foods that are likely to wilt, such as herbs and leafy greens.

Using a last hole in your sneakers keeps your shoes snug and comfortable (Shutterstock)

Shoe laces

Depending on how you tie your shoes, you can use the last hole in your sneakers to keep your shoes warm and comfortable.

Paper notes

These sheets are a great way to jot down notes or small memories and put them on the screen of your computer.

Brushes and combs

It may seem natural to comb the top of your head first, but to avoid any tangles in the hair, you can comb your hair in the opposite direction, while combing slowly until you get rid of the knots in the hair.

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