Home / news / In blow to Netanyahu, lawmakers vote to set up panel to debate his immunity. The panel is likely dismiss Netanyahu’s request to evade prosecution

In blow to Netanyahu, lawmakers vote to set up panel to debate his immunity. The panel is likely dismiss Netanyahu’s request to evade prosecution

In blow to Netanyahu, lawmakers vote to set up panel to debate his immunity. The panel is likely dismiss Netanyahu’s request to evade prosecution

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  1. For context:

    Under Israeli law all Members of Parliament are entitled to parliamentary immunity for some cases, like if they are prosecuted for a crime committed as part of their job, and other various protections that makes sense. It certainly does not cover all offenses (like corruption), and in any case the Supreme Court can overrule the decision.

    Netanyahu requested such immunity (which is completely within his rights), but since the parliament is on hiatus because of the elections, the committee that is suppose to examine his claim does not currently exist. This means he gets temporary immunity until after the elections and a new seat of parliament.

    What happened now was that the opposition managed to pass a vote in the special-hiatus comitee to establish the above comitee while the parliament is still in hiatus, which will likely reject Netanyahu’s request. There is a debate whether it is legal to form the committee at this time, and even a debate whether the person who decides if it’s legal has the authority to do so. And there’s another whole thing with the Chairman of Parliament as well who also plays a part in this (or maybe not, depending on the above).

  2. As an American in the Trump years, I’d prefer you just let us know when it actually happens. We’ve had our hopes up too many times in the last three years.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-blow-to-netanyahu-lawmakers-vote-to-staff-panel-to-debate-his-immunity/) reduced by 84%. (I’m a bot)
    > Members of the Knesset Arrangements Committee voted Monday in favor of establishing a House Committee, the only parliamentary panel able to debate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's immunity request.

    > After a two-hour deliberation repeatedly interrupted by Likud MKs – much like a separate committee debate that took place earlier Monday – lawmakers voted 16 to 5 in favor of establishing and staffing the key committee.

    > The afternoon's vote means that the House Committee can debate and potentially vote on Netanyahu's immunity request in the coming weeks, perhaps even days, long before election day on March 2.

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  4. Too many wannabe dictators thinking they’re above the law.

  5. Another right-wing, corrupt cunt

  6. Why do they have to debate an act of obstruction of justice by the accused criminal?

    The criminal invents this ridiculous immunity policy to obstruct justice (of course he does), so why is that not set aside by definition? It’s the very definition of obstruction of justice!

  7. I’m pretty sure when someone works really hard to make it so they cant be prosecuted and should have immunity, that means they have done pretty bad shit. And should be tried as such. Any argument against that reasoning?

  8. Just a short recap: Netanyahu requested for immunity, but he’s trying to prevent the committee that decides whether or not his request was justified from being formed, so that the case will be stuck for as long as he can hold it. What a joke.

  9. Please someone turn this picture into the woman screaming at cat meme

  10. This is the flaw of our political systems as they exist today. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence and in our own president’s case even admitting to what you’re accused of – those others in power can simply refuse to do anything about it. Now what do we do?


  12. BiBi loves apartheid

    BiBi is a criminal of many stripes

    Edit: Oh hi, Hasbara. Hard at work, are we? Keep up the terrible job supporting the apartheid state, you cocks.

  13. Last time I heard, wasn’t he threatening to reveal sensitive information about the government if he was accused? What happened to that? Sounds pretty damn important.

  14. “likely to” wow the abuse of power is amazing…

  15. Good. No democratic leader should enjoy royal privileges like unconditional immunity.

  16. Cheers you corrupt NWO c**k sucker Zionist! Looking forward to hearing that shackle shuffle.

  17. Incredible that he might become immune

  18. Bibi needs a smart Jewish lawyer

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