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In its battle against Corona … what can Europe learn from Germany?

The British Telegraph stated that Germany, the largest country in Europe, is a real mystery in the way it dealt with the Corona pandemic, as the first wave of the epidemic was much less than what any other country in the old continent witnessed, and current indications do not clarify the possibility of a second wave. It has the opposite of what seems to be about to happen in countries like Britain, France and Spain.

The newspaper criticized the insistence of some to compare Britain with countries such as France, Spain or Sweden, when there is any public debate about who has dealt properly with the European pandemic.

She emphasized that this comparison is not appropriate when it comes to Paris or Madrid, as they have adopted an approach that is “just as bad” as the British approach, while Sweden is almost the only European country that tweets out of the flock and did not resort to complete closure in the wake of the outbreak of the virus in March / Last March.

In response to a Labor MP’s question last Tuesday at a session of the House of Commons about the “effectiveness of the screening and tracking system” in countries such as Germany (and Italy) compared to Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson angrily described this comment as “undermining efforts and unnecessary” in view of the efforts the government has made. To expand the ability to provide testing for all.

“In fact, there is an important difference between us and many other countries around the world … our country is freedom-loving, and if we look at its history over the past 300 years, almost every progress, from freedom of expression to democracy, came from here … it is very difficult,” he added. Demand that all British people abide by the precautionary measures. “

The Telegraph quoted Professor Hendrik Strick, President of the German Institute of Virology, that the death rate in Germany is much lower than it was earlier this year due to several considerations, including clinical experience, use of the best drugs and anticoagulants, oxygen use and the precautionary measures taken by the most populous population. At risk.

Strick added that the second wave of infection will not be like the first, and that the time has come “to stop any kind of intimidation … we cannot continue to close our daily life and paralyze everything.”

The German approach against the epidemic – according to the newspaper – also focuses on fighting unemployment, as the “wage subsidy plan” has been extended to the next year to protect jobs, and British politicians have recently begun to study its feasibility among other similar ideas to support salaries.

In this regard, the British Secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, said that he would soon announce a plan to support the economy during the coming winter, stressing that if the closure measures threaten companies that are able to continue despite the epidemic, then they are entitled to benefit from government support.

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