Home / news / In London, police break up family’s 18th Birthday celebration: “This family thought law relating to social distancing shouldn’t apply to 18th birthday parties. 25 guests moved on.”

In London, police break up family’s 18th Birthday celebration: “This family thought law relating to social distancing shouldn’t apply to 18th birthday parties. 25 guests moved on.”

In London, police break up family’s 18th Birthday celebration: “This family thought law relating to social distancing shouldn’t apply to 18th birthday parties. 25 guests moved on.”

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  1. They should have done the opposite. Quarantined the house and forced all 25 of them to remain there for two weeks.

  2. Sometimes i think i live in some kind of different world. How can 25 people simultaneously think that throwing now huge 18th birthday would be near to ok?

  3. ”Police have slammed an east London family…”

    Every single article these days…

  4. I’m having to do picking for the home deliveries for a big supermarket and the amount of people coming in to get beer and talking about “who’s coming tonight” etc is massive. One of the shops I had to pick for someone was clearly a party for a one year old with all the stuff for those party bags they hand out to the kids. Pisses me off people doing this and I’m following the rules unable to see bae because of assholes like this

  5. The police should ave quarantined those 25 people together in that exact location for the next 2 weeks. Let’s see how well they enjoy the birthday on day#8 of quarantine.

  6. … okay saying that 25 guests “moved on” makes it sound like they were all killed.

  7. Brace yourself. A large number of people will call for banning outdoor walks by yourself because some idiots had a party in London.

  8. *They moved on, Sir?*

    *Yes Baldrick, that’s the polite way of saying they kicked the bucket, entered the Pearly Gates, danced their last jig, met the man in black.*

    *Knowing the Queen they were probably shot in the head, burned to a crisp, and their gruesome remains left in the street as a dire warning to all the other East Ender scum.*

  9. I’m not surprised to see this is in Newham where I live. There is an attitude of lawlessness and selfishness among the local community here. People riding mopeds in the park next to families. Fly tipping and littering is common place and accepted. Leaving as soon as I can afford to.

  10. Coronavirus: Oh you guys having a party, I’ll come back later

  11. My mom was annoyed I wasn’t willing to bring my family to my little sister’s 20th this weekend. I’m not risking my kid’s health for a dinner. Dropped off the present and said happy birthday over FaceTime

  12. These fuckers would’ve put up Christmas lights during the Blitz blackouts.

  13. I feel like in two weeks we’ll see a headline that 20 cases in a neighboring can be traced back to the same 18th birthday party.

  14. Fine them all, this is ridiculous.

  15. Someone once said: “People are smart”

    No, they aren’t.

  16. Name and shame these fucking dumb chav cunts.

  17. People are fucking idiots

  18. “Moved on” could have a really dark meaning in this context.

  19. I didn’t know we could avoid laws that we “feel shouldn’t apply to” us!

    I like driving drunk.

    Thanks to this family for freeing me!

  20. The most infuriating thing for me in all of this is that people being stupid means that more medical professionals and health care workers have to put their lives on the line to care for these idiots. For a look inside a hospital in NYC read this post:


  21. Got a nasty case of strep throat over the weekend cause my roommate didn’t want to postpone his son’s 6th birthday party.

    Only way I was able to find antibiotics without going to an urgent care or a doctor’s office was through one of the teleconference apps with a doctor I’d never heard of. Almost got flagged for COVID due to the similar symptoms (sore throat, fever, body aches, occasional cough), but I told the doctor I’ve had strep at least a half dozen times before and know the symptoms well, including all the white bacterial colonies. She almost couldn’t help me at all because I have a history of really bad reactions to antibiotics, one which took me to the ER, and she didn’t want the liability, but finally she caved and gave me some Clarithromycin which cleared it up in 24 hours.

    Roommate feels bad about it obviously, because there’s no chance I caught it elsewhere since I left my job in mid-March to take care of my daughter when school was canceled. Still a little pissed off on my end, because it really fucked me over and it was completely avoidable.

  22. A family friend’s uncle did this with his wife. Now the uncle is in a respirator and will probably not make it, the wife is also in hospital. All the eighteen guests are sick, as well as other members of their households. Seems someone there was an asymptotic carrier and the virus just spread through the party like fire in dry grass.

  23. Quarantine birthdays are no big deal. I just had one. It was fine. Surviving to 2020 was easy. Making it to 2021 will be a different story. I’d like to be able celebrate that one. So stay home, you assholes.

  24. Ah yes. The tradition of blowing on the cake and everyone eats it. Nothing could go wrong here.

  25. Title makes it sound like they died to me

  26. “Oi m8, ya got ya boithday loicense?”

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