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In one picture … Learn the differences between 7 vaccines for Coronavirus

What is the best vaccine for the emerging corona virus that causes “Covid-19”, and what are the differences between the currently available vaccines? … Al-Jazeera Net provides you with a detailed and brief table at the same time, comparing the most prominent “Covid-19” vaccines currently available.

We will compare the vaccines in terms of:

1- Effectiveness: the percentage of disease reduction in a group of people who received the vaccine compared to the group that did not receive the vaccine.

2- The number of vaccine doses.

3- Price.

4- The temperature required for storage.

We begin by answering the question, “What is the best vaccine for the emerging corona virus?” The answer is that there is no absolute better vaccine. All vaccines will reduce hospitalizations and deaths, but a vaccine may be better in terms of ease of storage for a country that does not have super-cold refrigerators, for example. Consequently, each vaccine has its advantages, and therefore we see that many countries use more than one vaccine to vaccinate their population against the Corona virus.

The attached table shows a comparison between the following vaccines, and we point out that these numbers are approximate, and may change depending on the change of studies, sale prices, or the emergence of new data:

1- Russian Aesthetic Institute Vaccine

The vaccine is called “Sputnik V”, and was developed by the Aesthetics Institute in Moscow. The Russian vaccine is based on adenoviral vectors, and human adenoviruses are among the most accessible and simple for the adjustment process, and therefore their spread as vectors has expanded.

“Vectors” are carriers that can deliver genetic material from another virus to a cell. The genetic material for the adenovirus that causes the infection is removed, while a gene carrying a code “code” for a protein from another virus enters, and in the current case, the emerging corona virus, whose scientific name is “SARS Cove 2”.

This new added ingredient helps the immune system respond and produce the antibodies that protect it from infection.

2- AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine

This vaccine was developed by the British laboratory, AstraZeneca-Oxford, and the technology it uses is the “viral vector”, in which another, less virulent virus is used, which is converted to be added to a part of the Corona virus, and is introduced The modified virus to the cells of individuals, which in turn produce a protein typical of “SARS-Cove 2”, which would prompt their immune systems to recognize it.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine uses adenoviruses as a vector, in a technology similar to the Russian vaccine.

3- Pfizer-Biontech vaccine

Developed by the US company Pfizer and its partner, BioNTech, Germany, it works on messenger RNA, or mRNA, a molecule that tells our cells what to make.

This vaccine is injected into the body, and it introduces this molecule that controls a mechanism for making a specific antigen for the “spike” Corona virus, which is a very distinctive tip that is present on its surface and allows it to adhere to human cells to penetrate them. This spike will then be detected by the immune system, which will produce the antibodies, and these antibodies will remain for a certain period of time.

4- Modern fertilization

This vaccine was developed by the American company Moderna, and the moderna vaccine uses the same “messenger RNA” technology that the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine uses.

5- Novavax vaccine

The vaccine was developed by the American company Novavax. It depends on inserting a modified gene into a virus called the bacterial virus (baculovirus), and they allowed it to infect insect cells, and then the spike proteins “spike” were collected from these cells into nanoparticles, which while they look like the Corona virus, but they cannot reproduce Or causing “Covid-19”.

These nanoparticles are injected into the body through the vaccine, where they lead to the formation of the immune system in response to the antibody. If the body encounters the Corona virus in the future, the immune system will be able to repel it.

6- Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The vaccine was developed by the American company, “The Johnson & Johnson”, and is based on a modified adenovirus – a common virus that causes symptoms similar to colds – designed to transfer parts of the genetic material from the existing “spike” protein. Coronavirus.

7- Sinopharma vaccine

Developed by the Chinese company Sinopharm, based on an inactivated virus, it was developed by Sinopharm in cooperation with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the Institute of Biological Products, according to a report in Deutsche Welle.

In the technology of the inactivated vaccine, the infectious agents of the emerging corona virus are treated – chemically or through heat – to make them less dangerous, but while preserving their ability to produce an immune response, and this is the most traditional form of vaccination.

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