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In one word or phrase, they described the year 2020 .. that’s what they said

All people know that 2020 was a year like no other, so The Washington Post asked its readers to describe it in one word or phrase and to provide the reason for choosing that description, hoping that this would reveal some popular wisdom, and I also asked them what they hope in 2021 to look forward to. To the future, what did they say?

In the responses compiled by Elisa Gorin and Shefali S. Kulkarni and Kaniakrit Vongkiyatkajorn, phrases such as “global pandemic, ethnic accountability, presidential impeachment, massive elections” dominate the responses of more than 2,000 people who responded to the newspaper’s request.

The Washington Post said that many of the readers ’words reflected the extent of the horror that came with this unique year, and among the most frequent in this context were phrases such as” hell, nightmare, unreasonable, merciless “as well as other seemingly expected phrases such as” quarantine. ” It does not attract attention, in addition to what the newspaper saw is not suitable for publication, although the responses generally showed commonalities between people.


Among the responses was what Matthew Hervila (55 years old) said that all the challenges the world faced were running slowly, “from the Corona virus to the elections, to Trump and what is going on in his path, to the police shooting, to unemployment and stopping exercising .. without Fans. I feel trapped in a corner. “

As for the year 2021, Hervilla hopes that “we will stop using such extremist and hateful rhetoric to describe people with whom we do not agree.”

Another reader does not differ much, seeing that this year is exhausting. “I put in a lot of effort to wear a mask and follow the instructions. My relationships and communication with family and colleagues seemed to be some kind of work. The elections had a negative impact. I feel lonely, and I am sad .. I am tired.” Painful in New Year “Get vaccinated, see family, and hug people.”

A third expresses the loss, “We have lost our compass as a country. A year is lost for students, families, weddings, holidays and positive human interaction, lives have been lost unnecessarily due to disease. It seems like you are lost in the wilderness without a compass,” adding, “Uniting the world will be the greatest achievement” in 2021.

Another hums with the same mind: “Lives are lost, income, education, relationships are lost, dreams are lost,” hoping for 2021 “vaccine effectiveness, return to school, police reform and immigration policies.”

I lost my dog

A reader believed that 2020 “was a unique year that future generations would not know like, and it was difficult with the elections in light of Covid-19 in addition to the (black lives are important) protests,” but the discovery of the vaccine gives him some hope in 2021.

One of them likened – as the newspaper reported – the year 2020 to a TV program that no one knows when it will end. “This year seems like a very long season of a TV program with random plot and crazy situations, from Covid-19 to the presidential elections, misinformation, then protests over the killing of George Floyd, and the death of celebrities. “.

A reader expressed the loss of the compass, saying, “We are neither here nor there, neither are we in Hell or Heaven, will the normal life we ​​know return?

Sadness appeared on the face of a reader when she said, “I lost my beloved mother, my brother-in-law, and a talented friend who died from a rare disease, lost my dog” and expressed her hope that “we will overcome the horrors of Covid-19 disease” in 2021.

I’m tired

One of them said, “If you’ve had a nightmare and struggled to wake up, and woke up screaming covered in sweat, you’ll know why this word is the best description of 2020” and said his hope for 2021, “I don’t see, hear, or read about Trump again,” adding “every night.” I almost dream about Trump and the numbers. I’m tired. “

A reader considered 2020 a year lost, and said, “As my granddaughter expressed well-deservedly: I lost friends, family and traditions, and new memories came, I lost feelings of luxury, joy and safety.”

She said she hopes for 2021 “the return of civilization and tranquility with the effect that the vaccine will have, and that we once again feel the joy, hope and love as daily experiences in our lives.”

In the words “stifling”, he described his fifties in 2020, and another described it as “hell” saying, “The government ignited the flames of ethnic and political division, and failed miserably in the face of the global health crisis. The media are biased to the point where it is difficult to find the truth.”


Another said, “I can’t breathe,” describing 2020 as “embodying the last-minute despair of George Floyd, the despair raised by more than 260,000 victims of the virus, and perhaps the alienation of the people in a fragile democracy.”

He added, “I hope that we open our minds and hearts as we discuss how to open our economy, our homes, our schools and even our respiratory systems. I yearn for the emergence of a spirit of decency and kindness in 2021, and I hope it is as strong as any vaccine.”

In the same context, a reader said, “I think the phrase: I cannot breathe has been defined this year, from Covid-19 to the uprising against racial injustice after the killing of Floyd to the wildfires in the western United States, I feel trapped and persecuted because I cannot live the life I used to live.” . I am stuck at home. I no longer have the freedom to go to the pub and sit inside my favorite restaurant. Every activity comes with risks. My life is limited. “

In an optimistic spirit she continued, “Biden’s victory and the vaccine news makes me optimistic. It is time for truth and science to triumph. Nevertheless, I know that a large part of this country is angry at Trump’s loss and refuses to accept the election results, and this scares me. I fear that we will not be able to unite and overcome this. safely”.

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