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In support of the Regeni family … an Italian party decides to sue the government for selling weapons to the Sisi regime

The Italian Green Party said that it intends to file a lawsuit in the next few days against the Italian government for continuing to sell weapons to “totalitarian regimes” such as the regime of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Egypt.

The party’s decision comes as part of efforts to support the initiative launched at the beginning of the year by the parents of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, who was killed in Cairo, as they decided to sue the Italian government for violating the law prohibiting arms sales to countries where serious human rights violations are being committed, such as Egypt.

On the other hand, Elie Schelin, vice-president of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy, expressed her hope that the Italian government this year would take more firm steps towards the Egyptian government for its insistence on not cooperating in revealing the truth about Regeni’s death, she said.

Claudio and Paula Regeni, the parents of the murdered researcher, confirmed in a television interview on the Italian network La Citi that the family’s lawyer, Alessandra Ballerini, had prepared a petition regarding a legal complaint against the Italian government after Rome delivered a “FREMM” frigate in late December. Last December.

Despite the quarrel between Cairo and Rome over the case of Regeni’s murder, this Italian frigate arrived at the Alexandria base – last Thursday – one of two frigates of the same type that were contracted between Egypt and Italy.

The delivery of the frigate came a few days after the Rome Prosecution office completed its investigations into the murder of the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo in 2016, and accused several officers of the Egyptian National Security Agency of carrying out the crime.

And while the Egyptian Prosecution announced, last Wednesday, that a criminal case had not been instituted in the case of Regeni’s murder, and that the accusation of 5 security personnel in the incident had been excluded. Rome strongly rejected this, and said – in a statement to its foreign ministry – Thursday that it will continue to move in international forums to uncover the circumstances of the killing of the Italian researcher and punish the perpetrators.

Regeni, an Italian, is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge, who was preparing a PhD research in Cairo, and he disappeared for 9 days, after which his body was found with signs of torture in February 2016.

On 30 November last year, the “Prosecutor of the Republic in Rome” announced the suspicion that 5 members of the Egyptian security services were responsible for the killing of the Italian student, while the Egyptian prosecution – in a statement at the time – made reservations about the suspicion of security personnel, and talked about “forming a gang” with the aim of Theft uses forged security documents.

Relations between Cairo and Rome became tense after Regeni’s body was found, especially in light of the Italian media accusing the Egyptian security services of being involved in his torture and killing, which Cairo has repeatedly denied.

On December 18, European representatives called for activating the sanctions mechanism against the Egyptian regime due to its continuous violations of human rights, against the backdrop of the Regeni murder case.

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