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In the aftermath of the teacher’s murder, the French Interior Ministry targets Islamic associations and expels dozens of foreigners

On Monday, the French police launched a security campaign against dozens of individuals associated with Islamic societies after the killing of a teacher. Interior Minister Gerard Darmanan said that a “fatwa” was issued against him because he showed his students cartoons representing the Prophet of Islam.

“It is clear that they issued a fatwa against the teacher,” the minister told “Europe 1” radio, referring to the two arrested suspects.

The two men are among 11 people arrested pending investigation into the attack carried out by a Chechen youth in advance of beheading the teacher.

Darmanan stated that the operations are targeting dozens of individuals who are not necessarily connected to the investigation of the murder of history teacher Samuel Patti, but aim to pass a message that “we will not let the enemies of the republic rest for one minute.”

An informed source stated that these persons are known to the intelligence services because of their “extremist sermons and hate messages” that are broadcast on social networks.

The minister returned to say that more than 80 investigations were opened regarding “hate” on the Internet, targeting all those who expressed his regret and said in one way or another that the teacher brought the matter to himself, “confirming that arrests have occurred.

Dozens expelled
In the same context, a police source said on Sunday that the Ministry of Interior is preparing to expel 231 foreigners on the watch list, on suspicion of adopting “extremist religious beliefs”, two days after the incident of the slaughter of a teacher who offered his students drawings that insult the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The interior minister asked local police officials to issue expulsion orders at a Sunday afternoon meeting, the source said.

The police source said that among the total number of suspects, 180 are imprisoned, and 51 others will be arrested in the coming hours.

He added that Darmanan also asked the agencies of the ministry to closely examine the applications of those wishing to obtain refugee status in the country.

Pursuing Islamic societies
The government began its security operations, which include inspecting the headquarters of Islamic societies on Monday morning, after the Defense Council meeting that was held on Sunday, and will continue in the coming days.

At the end of the two-and-a-half-hour meeting with Prime Minister Jean Castex, 5 ministers and the Attorney-General for combating “terrorism” Jean-Francois Richard, President Emmanuel Macron announced a “plan of action” against “entities, associations or persons close to extremist circles” who spread calls for “hatred.” .

Darmanan announced that state agencies will visit the headquarters of 51 Islamic societies during the week, and that many of them will be dissolved by a decision of the Council of Ministers. The minister said that he especially wants to solve the “gathering against Islamophobia in France,” stressing that this entity is publicly involved, and “there are a certain number of elements that allow us to think that they are enemies of the republic.”

The minister explained that the group against Islamophobia receives state aid and tax cuts, and denounces Islamophobia in the country.

He also referred to the non-governmental organization Barakat Siti (Al-Baraka City) – which was founded by Muslims with a Salafi tendency, and its president, Idris Yemu, was placed under legal supervision Thursday, as part of an investigation into the case of harassment on social media.

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