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In the video – a penalty kick watched by everyone except the referees .. Guardiola is angry at the mouse again


Despite his big victory, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola did not conceal his anger after his team was denied a clear penalty during Wednesday’s Premier League win over Southampton.

Although the incident did not affect the result – City won 5-2, leading by 14 points in the lead – but Guardiola described it as unbelievable.

The result was a 1-1 draw when Phil Foden fell into an interference with Alex McCarthy, after the Southampton goalkeeper failed to clear the ball.

Foden did not drop, but lost the advantage, and the referee, Jonathan Moss, did not take a penalty even after the intervention of the video assistant referee “Far”.

The referee did not consider that McCarthy had committed a mistake, although the replay appeared to be the opposite, as everyone saw it, which raises controversy again about the mistakes of the mouse in the Premiership.

In fact, the referee’s decision was completely correct for several considerations, the most important of which is that Fodin was the one who played the ball, then he was “flagrantly” obstructed by the goalkeeper, an obstruction that may amount to recklessness, which requires warning, as Article 12 of the Football Law states, “Errors and Bad the behavior”.

The referee’s justification for not counting a penalty kick may be that the goalkeeper touched the ball, which is an available possibility, but it is counter-productive, as the goalkeeper’s touching the ball does not preclude his involvement in the obstruction, because he touched Fudin’s foot first and caused his obstruction.

Even if Fodin could stand up again and not fall, that does not negate the violation, as the law did not require the player to fall in order to count a violation in his favor.

Guardiola said, “The referees are professionals and they have to do their duty. We are happy to win 5-2, but at that moment the result was a 1-1 draw in a difficult match, and Southampton was better than us.”

He added, “The decision not to take the penalty kick is incredible, and I did not understand it. Maybe one day the regulations regarding the video ruling will be explained.”

Video referee technology has been criticized in recent weeks after Fulham was denied a goal against Tottenham with a clear handball.

Guardiola added, “The Fulham goal against Tottenham has not been counted. I have no position against Tottenham, but I do not understand how the goal was canceled. There are things that I do not understand.”

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