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In the video – dried fruits … a healthy joy for children and a door of sustenance for women in Egypt

With the aim of providing healthy food for children away from manufactured sweets, and enabling women to support their families; The Egyptian Manar Temple established a project to dry fruits, vegetables and herbs, depending on solar energy, and attracted women from the surrounding villages.

The Egyptian woman says that she is a graduate of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Department of Geology, and the idea began when her grandson asked her for sweets and sugars that are sold in the street and in shops, but she refused because she knew their danger due to preservatives.

A project that works to return Egyptians to healthy eating habits without preservatives (Al-Jazeera)

For the grandchildren

She added to Al-Jazeera Net, “And because I want to preserve their healthy food without preservatives, we started drying apples in a primitive way, and my grandson loved them very much, and from here I embarked on a journey to learn to dry fruits with solar energy, and I went on a trip to India in search of the best drying methods.”

She explained that she obtained a modern solar powered dryer from Germany, and 10 years ago, the project has been escalating, in the village of Mansheyet Kasib, affiliated to the Badrasheen Center, Giza Governorate.

The project employs 7 women from the surrounding villages, and the goal is to enable women to support their families (Al-Jazeera)

Women 7

Seven women work in the project from the surrounding villages, in addition to buying fruit from neighboring villages, but they are required to grow organic without chemical intervention.

Manar added that she “liked working on a project that works to return Egyptians to healthy habits of eating healthy and off-season food, not eating chemically processed foods, not eating canned and frozen things, and preserving food in a healthy way that enables us to eat it in the off-season.”

The project uses the fruits of neighboring villages, provided that it is grown in an organic way (Al-Jazeera)

Educate mothers

She points out that her project is not easy, especially with regard to educating the community about unprocessed dried fruits, and part of her work is to educate people about the nature of the food they eat: Where is it grown? How was it brought? She explained that in recent years there has been an increase in awareness, especially among mothers, about eating clean and healthy food for their children.

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