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In their first debate, Trump lost and Biden did not win

Immediately after the end of the hour- and 30-minute debate, moderated by veteran broadcaster Chris Wallace, many American experts and politicians expressed great frustration with the path that it had taken, and some considered it a reflection of the deteriorating relationship between the two main parties, Republican and Democratic, at a time when there is no clear way out of this dilemma.

Many Republican commentators said that Trump appeared badly in the debate, while many Democrats believed that Biden had not achieved clear success in it, especially after his opposition to the positions of the left-wing party.

Trump the anarchist

The first debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which was full of moments of chaos, interference and boycotts led by Trump, showed a few minutes that included a substantive discussion and an opportunity to learn about the positions of the candidates.

David Fromm, the former speechwriter of Republican President George W. Bush, said in a tweet that “the debate formula did not fail to control Trump, but the debate succeeded in confirming that Trump cannot control himself.”

The Atlantic magazine reported that Trump’s plan was to repeatedly and shockingly attack Biden and not let him complete one sentence, in an attempt by Trump to appear dominant and push Biden to appear weak.

Trump’s approach has so far bleeding in support of seniors, suburban women and white college graduates, and it is likely that these districts will decide to boycott the elections.

Out of context

The President repeatedly deviated from the debate in an attempt to confuse Joe Biden and then confuse him. Trump did not hesitate to attack, using the subject of his son Hahn, which was outside the scope of the established questions, which led to a reaction from Chris Wallace, the interviewer.

Biden did not show weakness, who directed many blows to Trump, mocked him and described him as a “clown” and “liar” who does not stop “barking”, and shouted at him “shut up.”

Biden also tried to shake Trump by mocking his previous statements in which he suggested using chlorine injections to combat the Corona virus.

“White race”

And in a debate in which Biden described Trump as a “racist”, one of the most important moments came when Wallace asked President Trump if he was willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups.

Trump appeared angry and demanded to know who was asking him to convict him. When Wallace mentioned the new fascist group known as the “Brad Boys,” Trump said, “The Brad Boys, back off a little, and be prepared to stand back and stand by.” Trump indicated in his response the need to look at the left-wing “Antifa”.

After the debate, several sites affiliated with the fascist “Proud Boys” organization celebrated President Trump’s response.

And former Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum expressed his anger at this hesitant position on Trump.

“The presenter Chris Wallace knew that the question was a trap for Trump, because the president does not like to say anything bad about the people who support him,” Santorm told CNN. Santorum described Trump’s response as “very damaging to him.”

Ben Rhodes, a former advisor to President Barack Obama, tweeted, commenting on the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, saying, “This position has been held by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt! What happened to this nation?”


Throughout the debate, Trump launched attacks on Biden for staying four decades in public office and failing to reform many of the programs he now says he is running for president to address. “People understand that, over the course of 47 years, Joe Biden has done nothing,” Trump said.

Biden responded by saying, “You are the worst president America has ever had.”

During the economic debate, Trump reiterated, “We built the greatest economy in history. We shut it down because of the China epidemic.”

Biden responded by saying that the United States “cannot fix the economy until it fixes the Covid-19 crisis.” Biden noted that Trump had benefited from the excellent economic record of the Obama Biden administration, and Biden said, “We have delivered a thriving economy … it has destroyed it.”

Biden and left

According to observers, Biden did well at distancing himself from the left throughout the debate, saying at the start that he “is not against Trump’s choice of Supreme Court Judge Amy Connie Barrett” and that she “looks like a very good person,” before criticizing her previous statements about Obama Care’s legitimacy, and says American voters must decide who chooses the next judge.

Biden refused to answer the question of the party’s left-wing desire to increase the number of Supreme Court judges.

Biden also deviated from expectations by reiterating his opposition to some left-wing activists to “canceling police funding” and objected to Trump’s false claim that he supports Medicare for All, indicating that he defeated her prominent supporter, Senator Bernie Sanders, in the primaries.

These statements echo Biden’s strategy, which does not count so much on converting young and progressive voters, but rather on bringing seniors and whites with a college education with more moderate views to his coalition.

However, this strategy may portend tension in its relations with the progressive left-wing movement if it is elected, as indicated by various opinion polls.

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