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Including wearing an additional mask like Biden … 6 tips for dealing with new Corona strains


What is the latest data about the new strains of the emerging corona virus? What are the latest precautions that are recommended to protect them from? What about the idea of ​​wearing two masks? It is something US President Joe Biden has done on some occasions.

In a report published by the American newspaper “The New York Times”, author Tara Parker Pope says that the new mutation, which was first detected in Britain, does not seem to cause more dangerous forms of the disease, but it is more capable of attaching to cells, than It makes it spread faster than the original virus.

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday, Thursday, that 3 mutated strains of the emerging corona virus appeared in Britain, South Africa and Brazil, which pose a great threat to the European continent and will increase Covid-19 infections and hospitalization, as well as deaths due to the disease, according to Reuters.

The center added in a risk assessment that the new strains – which include mutations or changes in parts of the Corona virus that causes Covid-19 disease that scientists say make it more contagious – have already been detected in many countries in Europe, and are likely to continue to spread.

The following diagram shows 9 of the most prominent symptoms of Corona virus, and to find out a detailed list of symptoms of Corona infection, click on this link.

How to protect

The following are some tips provided by a number of prominent experts in the field of viruses and infectious diseases in order to avoid infection, according to the “New York Times” report:

1- Exercise stricter precautions, such as wearing a 2 or 3-layer mask, or wearing an additional mask.

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech University, Dr.Lensi Marr, conducted a recent test on 11 face masks, and concluded that high-quality cloth masks, when applied in the best way to the face, can protect us from the virus, because they filter the viral particles that cause the disease.

A good mask consists of 3 layers: two layers of cloth, and a third layer for filtering, and if you do not want to buy a new mask with the required specifications, the best solution is to wear an additional mask when you find yourself near another stranger.

2- Avoid hosting people who are not family members.

3- Avoid crowding and keep a safe distance.

4- Washing hands frequently.

5- Avoid touching the face.

6- Getting vaccinated is the best way to reduce risks, but until then we must avoid contact with others as much as possible.

For example, if you go to the store twice or 3 times a week, try to make do with one time, and if you spend between 30 and 45 minutes inside the supermarket, you should reduce the time to 15 or 20 minutes only, and try to use the delivery service to reduce the risks .

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