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India Bans All Exports of Trump’s ‘Game Changer’ Virus Drug

India Bans All Exports of Trump’s ‘Game Changer’ Virus Drug

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  1. The Great Filter will be our own creation.

  2. Those of us with autoimmune diseases depend on this medication to function. Now what are we going to do?!? #ThanksTrump

  3. Should probably start producing stuff you need domestically. Would be a good start….

  4. Irony. America bans Indians pharmas for producing cost effective medicines. Now they are begging for the same generic medicines.

  5. I don’t know what this article is on about.

    “The country has struggled to keep people indoors during a three-week lockdown that started March 25, raising fears of accelerating spread.”

    Yes, there are pockets where people aren’t indoors. If it really was a “struggle” to keep a billion people indoors, people would have been dying on the streets by now.

  6. This [news](https://punemirror.indiatimes.com/covid-19-india-bans-export-of-key-malaria-drug-hydroxychloroquine/articleshow/74804374.cms) is 2 weeks old and has nothing to do with Trump. India banned the export to meet the demand if the country sees a quick spike in need of the drug. Now that Trump requested India and had time to produce the drug, it may lift the ban anytime soon,

  7. This isn’t Trumps drug. He’s just advocating for it based on science that it works.

    The only reason the media is saying this is because Big Pharma doesn’t own the patent – and people won’t get the vaccination if there’s a proven drug that strips you of the virus in 6 days – for $1 a day. Let’s think about these things.

    [France just sanctioned the drug ](https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2020/04/01/france-sanctions-drug-after-nearly-all-patients-recover-covid-19/) and there are studies where it has proven to cure almost in all cases – including the elderly.

  8. Reddit in a nutshell:

    # America stops export of life saving devices. Reddit: WHAT THE FUCK YOU CANT DO THAT OH MY GOD DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE

    # India stops export of life saving drugs. Reddit: YAAAAAS QUEEN! INDIA FIRST! YOU GO INDIA!

    # Fuck off Reddit

  9. Is this the same drug , hydroxychoroquine, that Reddit was making light of two weeks ago? The same drug that the governors of Michigan and Nevada are now asking the Feds for after banning sales in their own states? Believe a large portion of Spains medical personal are now using this as well. Well, guess it was a game changer.

  10. Strange enough, 40% of their API comes from China. US must be stupid in closing down their lone penicillin plant a few years ago. This Goobalization has killed jobs, research, and independence of countries. Become self sufficient in most items, at least.

  11. Joke’s on them that Trump was lying as usual.

  12. I guess that’s what happens when you destroy diplomatic relations with former allies.

  13. Trump has stock in it. I guarantee it.

  14. so it actually works?? that’s good news, i suppose!

  15. But will they except our edible arrangement of mr

  16. Not the first time they have done this

  17. Apparently msn.com is still a thing…

  18. This fiasco is now hurting people with lupus and malaria.

  19. I think humans can cause global warming and that we should have a science based real world team looking into how to combat our effects. There are other things I don’t agree with as well. His tone is wrong at times and he could get more accomplished if he was nicer. Can you name one thing you agree with? It’s sure not that we should be hopeful in times of crisis when drugs show a potential. I wonder if none of this matters and if it isn’t your job to sow division and hate? If you’re not get paid, you should look into it. I’m betting you won’t reply with something you think Trump got right.

  20. Why the snarky quotes?

  21. Why not get it from friend China

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