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India on National Lockdown for 21 Days, From 12 AM tonight there will be a complete lockdown across the country: PM Narendra Modi

India on National Lockdown for 21 Days, From 12 AM tonight there will be a complete lockdown across the country: PM Narendra Modi

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  1. He said we can either act now in 21 days or face 21 year of setback.

  2. Best of luck to India during these crazy times. Hope everyone is able to care for themselves.

  3. Finally a lockdown that covers the 14day period as well as shows that a step has been taken in the right direction

  4. That’s a bold decision. Modi finally making good use of his personality and influence.

  5. Thats around 1/5th of the world’s population under lockdown. This is huge.

  6. Great step. My city is on a partial lockdown for last 3 days, and people are not following the orders of the government. Glad to know now they will be enforcing it strictly. People over here are dumbfucks.

  7. So now what percent of the entire world population is lockdown?

  8. we are ready to fight this disease ! no matter how long lockdown is needed Stay safe everyone we got this !

  9. Can they go out to shop for food during this time or is it delivered?

  10. Yay Trump wants to open things up by next week

  11. From very early on into the Outbreak, India saw risk and moved faster than most developed nations, considering their crowded cities and subpar hospitals at best, this was the right decision

  12. Best decision they could make. The virus would spread like wildfire in the country.

  13. You are also listening to and watching the state of the world on the Corona global epidemic through the news.  You are also looking at how this pandemic has completely devastated even the most capable countries of the world. Social distancing only weapon to fight coronavirus.

    I am asking for a few weeks of your life. **If we are not able to manage the upcoming 21 days (of nationwide complete lockdown), we will be pushed back 21 years**: PM Narendra Modi

  14. Completely support this decision but I’m really sad about how poor people are going to manage during this time. No money to pay rent or buy commodities will be devastating for them

  15. Great decision given the circumstances! Countries with far better healthcare infrastructure have had terrible results regarding the number of infections and deaths. I cannot imagine the effects of a rampant rise in infections in a country the size of India.

    As an aside, they should also make sure that the lower-middle and the poor class of the society have enough social support to sustain this lockdown. It is far easier to survive for rich and upper middle class people, but the economically disadvantaged class always suffers.

  16. What does laxman rekha mean? Sorry I don’t know Hindi

  17. Go India! This is the exact time for such strong decisions. If they took any more time, it would’ve been too late considering the population density.

  18. Excuse my ignorance here, but is this everyone apart from the BARE essentials, not like the essentials in the us? It seems a lot of people here are still working, myself included. I work in telecommunications and there is no use for us to be out unless there is an emergency(broken pole, cable in the road). My company just wants to use the fact we are “essential” to keep us working. IMO we need a complete shut down for at least two weeks across the country, only power companies, healthcare workers, grocery stores, and gas stations should be open. Telecomm in case of an emergency. I get the economy issues and whatever else this could cause, maybe not to their full extent, however. That being said, I don’t think it’s fair to let this get to a point where healthcare workers have to decide who lives and who dies.

  19. India is really setting an example by its prompt action. Trump on the other hand is talking about reopening US economy next week.

  20. There are several more points the government needs to make:

    * Income – India has huge informal sector, and large percentage of population relies on daily wages to get food on their plate. While a number of states have announced giving some money to daily workers, the federal government needs to implement it nation wide, and give a detail explanation of making sure it reaches to everyone in need.

    * Essentials – Food, water, medicine, supplies are essential to people in lockdown. There must be a proper communication about this to the people. On ground, the police forces are taking any action as they please – sometimes allowing people to gather in vegetable markets, other times using force against grocery shops to close them down. The administration needs to ensure continuous supply of the essentials to each home, and have a standard implementation nation wide. It must clarify that grocery shops, medical stores may remain open, and set up times for zones at which minimum number of people can purchase the goods they need.

    * Rationing – Most people in the country didn’t get time to prepare stock to survive 21 + 3 days. The government must take steps to provide optimal ration/meal to people in need. Just raw materials may not be enough for everyone, as not everyone has tools to make food at home.

    * Exceptions – Even with complete lockdown, there will be exceptions. Every person in and in need of healthcare would need to move. People already in hospitals, in transit, and in emergencies would require to come out. The police forces need to be humane, and apply some rationality instead of lathis, which I have seen thrice today.

  21. So despite the respiratory pandemic, folks in New Delhi can finally breathe easy for a few weeks.

  22. Jesus Christ that was close.

    Me and my girlfriend just got our flight home from India this morning. We knew we were fortunate to be on one of the only international planes out (direct from Goa to Manchester). Restrictions were starting to come into place and we knew it was going to boot off eventually… but this really hits home how lucky we got.

    I’m so fucking glad we made it back home.

  23. So does anyone know what “lockdown” actually means?

    Couldn’t find it in the linked article.

  24. Are people restricted on getting food and meds during a lockdown?

  25. Following worldometer there haven’t been a lot of numbers coming out of India. The last I looked it had approximately 500 positive cases for the *whole* country.

  26. Good luck and stay safe, India!

  27. I hope people follow every word of what he said! And great decision.

  28. My dad needs to go to hospital immediately. He is scared that he will be stopped if he gets the driver for car. He is now waiting at home till morning. He has to travel 2-3 hours in car to reach hospital? Will this be ok?

  29. This lockdown is absolute. For 21 days. Fingers crossed.

  30. My father in India needs to get Dialysis done two times a week. I wonder how it will be done now 🙁

  31. Empathetic speech, Modi was clear and cut. Great Leadership.

  32. Hard to fathom, this guy just called for a complete lockdown of 15% of the worlds population.

  33. So is this a lockdown for non-essentials?

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