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India says US politicizing religious riots in which 30 died

India says US politicizing religious riots in which 30 died

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  1. “No politics to see here! Just dead fucking bodies.”

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://apnews.com/730225d9de15b84bd0ef71dd1d3bb32f) reduced by 79%. (I’m a bot)
    > On Wednesday, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom said it was deeply troubled by the violence and cited accounts that police had not intervened in attacks against Muslims, which police and India's federal government have denied.

    > Most of the violence appeared to be targeting Muslims who complained that while Hindu mobs went on a rampage, the police went missing.

    > The violence began Sunday when clashes between supporters and opponents of India's new citizenship law quickly escalated into full-blown religious riots between Hindus and Muslims in working-class neighborhoods on the outskirts of the sprawling capital.

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  3. looks like India is learning from the best con man in USA. next India will blame Obama, Clinton, or democrats for all the problems.

  4. Religious riots should be politicized, no?

  5. Yeah nothing political about a state sponsored Pogrom, move along US nothing to see. The only thing that matters is how many hugs and buttslaps were exchanged between Trump and Modi.

  6. Hey India, maybe revoking article 370 was a ***really fucking stupid idea.***

  7. This is just the start. Lack of water in the border regions is going to set this off

  8. But I thought Doland Drumph and Chihuahua were the best of friends?

  9. Titles lile these are so fucking stupid.

    What do you meaan india says? And what does it mean that the US is politicizing? And how can religious violence not be political. The title makes no fucking since

  10. Everything is about Trump, even riots in India that started before he got there. The crusades back in medieval times? Trumps fault. The wars on Mars in a few centuries? You guessed it. Trump is to blame. He started that damn space force.

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