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India’s supreme court has ordered all coronavirus tests to be made free

India’s supreme court has ordered all coronavirus tests to be made free

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  1. Apparently some cabinet ministers are arguing that making it free will disincentivize private labs to conduct large amounts of tests everyday thereby increasing strain on already unavailable testing infrastructure.

  2. In Belgium it’s free unless you insist on being tested without the doctor agreeing to it

  3. Instead of making it free, they should have implemented a minimum charge for the tests and at a later point got the proper price for the costs covered from the government.

    Now any lab that doesn’t have a financial backing will not perform the test simply because they can’t afford to.

  4. >The court said that private hospitals, including laboratories, have an important role to play in containing the scale of the pandemic by extending **philanthropic services** in the hour of national crisis. **Reimbursing private labs of their expenses was a matter to be considered later on and not now**, it stated.

    these judges need an Economics-101 refresher.

  5. Obviously there are issues with the manner in which this is being rolled out. But this is a nation of over a billion people and at least they’re trying to go in the right direction. If something like this isn’t logistically out of reach for a country that only has *partial penetration of indoor plumbing* then the united states has literally no excuse.

  6. And if as magic, all private labs suddenly ran out of supplies and cannot perform those tests, how odd.

  7. So private labs and diagnostic centers are gonna runs tests and pay for their staff for free? Good plan /s

  8. Look under your chairrrr.

  9. The way to ‘correctly’ do this is to basically do “eminent domain” but on product (there may be a precedent/concept for it already), and purchase them for the public

  10. I cringe every time there’s an article about India on reddit. So many people on the comments make broad generalizations and it’s obvious that most dont even read the article at hand. Also take a shot every time Gandhi is brought up unprompted in a negative manner.

  11. America: *laughs in capitalism*

  12. That is really cool and all, but my favorite thing about India is knowing that India, Australia and Antarctica all broke away from the supercontinent Gondwana together, then broke into three pieces before moving into their current locations.

    So for a while, India was a free floating island in the middle of the ocean until it rammed into Europe creating the Himalayas.

  13. Supreme Court should run country instead now. Interferes in every fucking thing.
    Single handedly fucked telecom sector and now are creating roadblock during pandemic.
    Why would private labs even test If this is made free?
    There can be capping but why free?
    Milords won’t let go any rupee from their pocket but here are giving stupid orders

  14. Nothing is ever free. Somebody has to pay for them. Guess who? Judges? No way.

  15. Does the Supreme Court not care about the separation of powers anymore? I am not comfortable with our socialist Judges acting as the executive anymore. No checks and balances for these people at all. The government labs were already doing the testing for free. And there was a cap on the price for private testing. Everybody was happy. Now the private labs will have to reduce testing as they wouldn’t get the money anymore. They will have to wait for months for reimbursement, which our honourable judges have decreed to be a matter not as important anymore. The aim of the modern Indian State has been simple, fuck the businessman.

  16. Here in South Africa they will put a mark up of 200% with vat and 90 interest, I hope my country will do this too.

  17. Probably why ICMR (Indian council of medical research) published guidelines on when to do these tests.

    Strategy for COVID19 testing in India (Version 4, dated 09/04/2020)

    1. All symptomatic individuals who have undertaken international travel in the last 14 days.

    2. All symptomatic contacts of laboratory confirmed cases.

    3. All symptomatic health care workers.

    4. All patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (fever AND cough and/or shortness of breath).

    5. Asymptomatic direct and high-risk contacts of a confirmed case should be tested once between day 5 and day 14 of coming in his/her contact.

    Rapid tests guidelines.
    In hotspots/cluster (as per MoHFW) and in large migration gatherings/ evacuees centres.

    6. All symptomatic ILI (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose)

    a. Within 7 days of illness – rRT-PCR

    b. After 7 days of illness – Antibody test (If negative, confirmed by rRT-PCR)

    Edit: formatting

  18. It is already free in the U.S. Apparently many do not know that

  19. To give some context to the current testing process in India. The government has fixed the cap of COVID 19 testing at ₹4500 (~$60) and there have been around ~12,000 tests per day with a plan to scale up to 75,000-100,000 test in the coming weeks.

    A lot of government labs do free test, the above mentioned cost is for private labs. Now one of the major bone of contention is that in it’s Interim Order (SC) asked the private companies to extend philanthropic services and the question for the money to be reimbursed be decided later on. This is not feasible as a lot of private labs aren’t huge MNCs and have that much funds to do free testing.

    One interesting thought is to integrate the cost of testing as a part of your insurance, thereby not being of significant cost to the patient. One of the users also mentioned the use of government tenders to make it
    cost free for the patient, interesting idea. But imo it’ll be too expensive for the Government of India. Let me remind you that the population is extremely huge and this would too much of a burden to the exchequer.

  20. This might sound ideal but it is not. Right now government testing is free & private testing is around ₹4000 which is $60. Now without any plans of payment, the private labs will just cease testing. Even if one wants to get a test out of their pocket, they can’t.

  21. Indian court is like the king of India, they decide whatever they feel is good.

  22. I’m sure the SC’s validation is enough recompense for the money involved in producing and stocking test kits. Who wants rupees when you can get Ashok Bhushan’s blessings in return? Now watch how all these pvt labs step up and our testing rates go through the roof.

  23. Let’s see how much of this actually gets implemented. I’m sure we’ll soon hear news that if you want test results faster pay.

  24. What a joke, are those Judge stupid or something. The test has a cost, someone has to pay. Unless you are asking the company to stop paying their employees and their suppliers, and see how far will that go.
    They could ask the government to pay subsidise, but ask the test to be free? Lol. Stupidity.

  25. in 2 weeks: “strangely there seems to be a shortage of tests and facilities…”

  26. Indian SC: I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move and give unwanted suggestions to govt, even though I have no say in this. And I’m gonna make it illegal to refuse my wishes.

  27. Meanwhile the SCOTUS will allow corporations to increase prices during this epidemic because “free market” and “corporations are people too”.

    Meanwhile the Senate of the US will use their insider information, despite the POTUS denying the pandemic vehemently, and profit over the knowledge.

  28. Isn’t coronavirus testing in the USA free (referring to state mandated testing sites)

  29. I’m sure eliminating the incentive to develop and conduct tests will result in many tests being developed and conducted!

  30. This is the most fucked up thing.

  31. In related news, India stops producing Corona virus tests cuz slavery is generally frowned upon.

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