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Informal normalization … A Sudanese writer participates in a workshop on Sudanese-Israeli relations

A Sudanese writer revealed, on Friday evening, that she participated in a workshop on Sudanese-Israeli relations through the “Zoom” program.

Writer Safaa al-Fahal said that a group of personalities from Israel, the United States and Sudan participated in the workshop.

She explained that among the participants were the President of the Sudanese-Israeli Friendship Association, Ambassador Sadiq Ishaq, and the Secretary-General of the Association, Awad Adlan General.

On the Israeli side, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Mandour participated, in addition to the director of the Peres Center for Peace, Rabbi Shlomo Levy, and an Israeli journalist interested in relations with Sudan, the author did not mention her name. From the United States, John Chander, a supporter of lifting US sanctions on Sudan, participated.

The author explained that the workshop was held on Thursday evening and lasted an hour and 20 minutes.

Al-Fahl said that Mandour praised the distinguished press coverage of all Sudanese newspapers of what is going on about normalization measures between Sudan and Israel.

She added, “All the speakers believed that normalization between Sudan and Israel has become a tangible reality, regardless of political measures.”

Earlier on Friday, the independent Sudanese parliamentarian, Abu Al-Qasim Bartam, said that he intends to visit Israel, heading a delegation, in order to “push forward the normalization process between Khartoum and Tel Aviv.”

On September 25, the Sudanese-Israeli People’s Friendship Association said that the Sudanese cabinet had intervened to prevent a press conference at which the association would officially announce the start of its activities, 24 hours before it was held.

Sudanese political forces announced their categorical rejection of normalization with Israel, in the midst of talk of possible normalization after the UAE and Bahrain, which joined Egypt and Jordan, which were bound by two peace agreements with Tel Aviv in 1979 and 1994.

Among those forces are the National Umma Party, which is part of the ruling coalition in Sudan, and the Nasserite Democratic Unionist Party.

On September 23, the head of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said that his discussions with US officials – during his recent visit to the UAE – dealt with several issues, such as “Arab peace” with Israel and bilateral relations.

At the time, Israeli and American media reports said that Khartoum agreed to normalize its relations with Tel Aviv, in the event that Sudan was removed from the list of “states sponsoring terrorism” and that it obtained billions of dollars in US aid.

And recently, Faisal Muhammad Salih, the Sudanese Minister of Information and a spokesman for the transitional government, denied that the delegation that was visiting the UAE discussed the issue of normalization with Israel, stressing that what is going on in this regard is not true.

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