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Insists on appointing a Supreme Court judge .. Will Trump be in anticipation of losing the election?

Former US Congressman from the Republican Party Jack Kingston has ruled out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will assume the presidency according to the US Constitution in the event President Donald Trump loses the election and does not acknowledge his defeat.

In an interview with the episode (9/25/2020) of the “From Washington” program, he added that the Democratic and Republican parties, and behind them, the American people, hope to reach an agreement by next December, because the alternative means the country entering into great societal problems.

He added that the American system is currently able to overcome the problems related to the elections, and in the end President Donald Trump will win, and the result will be controversial as usual, but the winner beats his opponent by thousands of votes.

In turn, former US Congress member for the Democratic Party, Nick Rahal, said that the elections are expected to go well and the results will be announced tonight. Herself aAnd the next one at the latest, stressing that the calls made not to respect the elections are due to the current administration’s handling of the Corona pandemic.

He added that the interest of the American people today is focused on the economic implications of the Corona pandemic and not about whether or not Trump will hand over the presidency in the upcoming elections, and the current court has 8 judges who can decide on the outcome of the upcoming elections, and any candidate for the court is subject to scrutiny by the Senate before nominating him. .

He added that the Senate is currently subject to the Republicans, which will make it easier for Trump to choose who he wants, but the judges have previously proven that after reaching their positions on the Supreme Court, their positions change in proportion to their workplace and their decisions are moderate and impartial to a particular party.

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