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Instagram and Facebook are removing posts that voice support for slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani to comply with US sanctions

Instagram and Facebook are removing posts that voice support for slain Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani to comply with US sanctions

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  1. But can’t pull down false political ads before an election…


    instagram posts can be sanctioned?

  3. Shouldn’t sanctions mean ONLY that Facebook cannot do business with Iran in general, i.e., it cannot serve content there, cannot profit off of ads there etc.?

    Also, how do sanctions force one to selectively suppress content? There are obviously condemning narratives of the Iranian commander from NATO sources and corresponding glorifications of him from the Iranian side. Afaik sanctions are economic disincentives and selective content suppression seems a bit beside the point.

  4. The story says:

    > As part of its compliance with US law, the Facebook spokesperson said the company removes accounts run by or on behalf of sanctioned people and organizations.
    > It also removes posts that commend the actions of sanctioned parties and individuals and seek to help further their actions, the spokesperson said, adding that Facebook has an appeals process if users feel their posts were removed in error.

    It sounds to me like the sanctions only require them to remove accounts by or on behalf of sanctioned people, the second paragraph sounds like it’s describing additional measures that Facebook are taking beyond what is required by the sanctions.

    Those additional measures sound to me like they would be a violation of the First Amendment if they were in fact required by the government.

  5. Yeah, that’s some China level shit.

  6. Limiting freedom of speech.. this is headed in a bad direction.

  7. Facebook and Instagram are cancer on society.

  8. I don’t support this type of censorship. I do agree with removing postings that incite violence or are just hate filled bile or racist but people can have their opinions whether right or wrong. There should be freedom of speech and information.

  9. “Well they’re a private platform Free Speech doesn’t exist.” I love when shit comes back around to bite people in the ass.

  10. Well, that’s fine.

    Freedom of speech is about using slurs and platforming white nationalists, not opposing government action.

  11. So much for freedom of speech.

  12. I don’t mind that Instagram and Facebook remove posts, they have freedoms, too. I do mind that the government is telling them to.

  13. So Facebook doesnt recognize freedom of speech. I bet they do the same filtering during election time. Anyway, I got rid of Facebook about 4yrs ago. Can’t stand that platform and wish it would die.

  14. So that was what their meeting was about.

  15. Meanwhile iranians are organizing a protest or something, to support him, in copenhagen

  16. Internet not so free here anymore

  17. Ahaha!!! Freedom of speech in action!

  18. people who still use facebook can’t be helped anyway

  19. It seems like government’s around the world are grasping at straws when trying to control the narrative. Read the news folks, the powers that be are slipping in the face of angry citizens the world over.

  20. What does that have to do with sanctions? They’re posts, not products. This is just censorship.

  21. oh, now we care about freedom of speech on IG and FB. But when its a conservative post being removed we rejoice?

  22. Problem is all the actors with power are so complicit that they have to feign evidence with blood soaked hands. Even when it makes them look guilty they have no choice but to comply. Covered in flames and trying to hide the pain of being burnt alive. A pathetic bunch. Zuckerberg has done more damage to society than a murderer or drug dealer could ever. An intelligent society, able to see homo sapiens as animals with faults and not gift’s from God would ensure people like this sit in dark rooms for the rest of their existence.

    Society has yet to feel the real pain of post-Darwin Godless humanity. Without heaven there is also no hell. With no repercussions monsters run wild.

  23. Not such a free country, is it?

  24. this is why i left facebook and google this shit is so 1984.

  25. Thought freedom of speech is still a thing

  26. Yep political censorship is here and we are screwed.

    At least for now we can still comment on the fact that it’s occurring. Once that goes too…. People won’t even know it’s happening. That’s when the programming will really commence.

  27. Facebook has the fix in for Trump.

  28. The year 2020, end of free speech!
    EDIT: I don’t support any of our governments,but people do have the right to speak their minds, how else will I learn how others feels about events.

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