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International companies reveal their latest models … the most important technical trends in the world of television

International companies unveiled their latest models of televisions at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 ″ (CES 2021), which was held by broadcasting video via the Internet, due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The new TVs came with brighter screen, vibrant colors, crystal clear sound with some aspects of sustainability.

Mini-LED technology

New MINI-LED technology has become the magic solution for this year’s luxury TVs; It has a larger size than Micro-LED bulbs; But it is still smaller than the regular LEDs.

The MINI-LED technology brings more color and contrast to the screen, although the small LEDs are not as bright as previous LEDs; However, they are available in larger numbers, and thus they provide more light and clearer gradations.

And when a bright picture appears against a dark background, current TVs spread most of the light across the dark space, or what is known as “Blooming”, while the mini-LED technology reduces this effect, and approaches the characteristics of “OLED” screens ( OLED) self-lighting, which outperforms regular screens in this area.

Customers can currently verify this new technology when purchasing new luxury models from “Samsung”, “LG” or “TCL” companies, and it may take some time for this technology to reach Medium and basic TVs.

Image optimization

Televisions have long ceased to be mere playback devices; It even includes many possibilities to improve the image, although this function is not completely new; However, it has evolved greatly in new models from Samsung, Panasonic or Sony, and the artificial intelligence in the luxury models of the Sony Bravia series improves the image in an advanced way.

Among the examples of image improvement in new televisions when faces appear on the screen, the program processes them well, especially eyes, in addition to that it accesses special databases to improve the display of structures such as furs or stones, and the system also identifies the quality of the displayed content and living organisms As well as the lighting conditions, which they appear.

The “Cognitive Processor XR” technology forms the basis for these functions, which also works to raise the quality of the video clips to a resolution of “8K” (8K).

And since this process requires great computing power, the cognitive processor determines the image ranges that the viewer is particularly interested in, and thus gives them the highest priority.

The user can imagine that there is a bee flying across the TV screen, then the buzzing sound will sound from the place where the bee is actually flying in the screen, and Samsung and Sony are promoting new TVs through these advanced functions, for example the Sony processor analyzes the sound position in the picture; Where the sound is placed properly, and the Japanese company has continued to develop this technology in its luxury models of televisions, and the screen itself has become a membrane for the speaker.

Samsung called this technology “Object Tracking Pro”, and the new TVs allow the possibility to play the sound more clearly or to recognize the noise, such as having a vacuum cleaner operating in the room, and adjusting the volume accordingly. The South Korean company confirmed that the job is not limited to materials, which were specially prepared for it. But it works with all movies and series.

The artificial intelligence of the luxury models of the Sony Bravia series improves the image in an advanced way.

Running games

Usually, televisions are used for long hours to broadcast video, play games or connect different gaming devices. Similar to computers, televisions provide some capabilities to play faster than the opponent. In the new OLED TVs, Panasonic relies on the display mode “Game Mode Extreme” ( Game Mode Extreme), which builds images quickly, so that the player can respond faster, and the Samsung “Game Bar” function provides gamers with a quick configuration of the game, and it allows viewing of very wide screen formats.

Connecting with household appliances

In addition, new TVs are better linked to other household appliances; For example, Sony provides access to the smart home system “Apple Home Kit” (HomeKit) with support for audio and video transmission technology through “AirPlay2” technology, and these new functions will be available for some models from 2019 and 2020.

Help for people with auditory and visual needs

Can 4 movies be displayed on the screen at the same time? Samsung currently provides Micro-LED models for people with a hearing and visual impairment, not for the average user. The current models, which are available at reasonable prices, really help by sliding the subtitle so that the central image elements are not covered.

The South Korean company also aims to improve Voice Guide by 2022, which helps people with visual impairments operate their TVs via voice commands.

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