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Internet Archive makes 1.4 million books available for free online amid the coronavirus crisis

Internet Archive makes 1.4 million books available for free online amid the coronavirus crisis

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  1. Similar websites –


    https://standardebooks.org/ (same as Gutenberg but with better organisation)


    Library Genesis

    https://imaginationlibrary.com/ (if you have a child younger than 5. The send an age appropriate book once a month.)

  2. The Internet Archive always has several petabytes of free books, movies, games, and photos available. What makes this special is that items under copywrite that are the archive but they do not have permission to freely distribute, are being made available.

  3. Wait, we already sit at homes and cook our own food and even talk to our children. You mean we also should read books?

  4. Let me take the opportunity to shit on Springer, the institution that gets free PhD thesis, Dissertations and Articles from Researchers and put it behind a fucking paywall.

  5. Any good sci fi books to read?

    Rendezvous with Rama, 2001 series, The Martian.. Books like these. Currently reading the Expanse series by the way, on the 5th book right now

  6. Thanks for sharing! I have one book left I haven’t read and will need some others to fill the time

  7. will they still be online after all of this?

  8. God bless all of you. I needed some sort of online database to find books for a research paper and was coming up empty until this post.

  9. Note that the Internet Archive does NOT have the rights to loan books in this manner and that the Author’s Guild has declared this to be [book piracy](https://www.authorsguild.org/industry-advocacy/internet-archives-uncontrolled-digital-lending/).

  10. I’m really grateful that they are doing this, but my lord is it difficult to actually get a readable book onto my ebook device. With so many hurdles to actually reading the books, it’s no wonder that people pirate them.

  11. It makes me so mad to know this was already possible to do, but it needs a pandemic to happen.

  12. Internet Archive and ALL these sites enabling you to look at stuff for FREE are ***godsends***, even outside of a crisis like this one.

  13. Am up shit creek without a,paddle

  14. Just wondering if this is only limited to English books?

  15. I borrowed a book from The National Emergency Library yesterday. Web site worked great, I was able to borrow an old book by Upton Sinclair that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time.

  16. On twitter, authors are saying their copyrighted materials are being made freely available at a time when they’re already struggling to cover rent/mortgage/etc. under covid. Free ebooks are great if they’re out of copyright, but not if living authors are struggling.

  17. Is there a better way to find which **textbooks** are on there? I know there’s a tag system, but there’s 50+ pages of categories/tags I don’t have the will to go through.

  18. Any Kurt Vonnegut on there?

  19. Anyone know where to get Lord of the rings audio books??

  20. I donate to the internet archive, wikipedia, and my state’s PBS station (APT).

    Each of them get $ 20 / month.

    Oh, and also the guardian news~~paper~~. $ 20 too.

  21. Is there a time limit on these titles or can you claim them and read for good

  22. Ohh! See ya world im off, going to isolate myself even further.

  23. Not news. Already available.

  24. One of those things that gets a lot of likes but little views

  25. The USA has even outsourced book scanning to China? Fully half of the 1.4 million books are “scanned in China”.

  26. Lets talk about games free?

  27. During a pandemic, copyright should be suspended so that all human knowledge can be put to use in the fight against it.

  28. The only book i need is Dianetics pm me for details if scientology intrests you

    Inb4 squirl busters!

  29. Ive been amazed at how many online spaces are offering free or discounted services during the crisis. People love to bitch about capitalism and corporations but some of them are certainly stepping up.

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