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Ip Man star Donnie Yen donates HK$1 million to frontline medical workers in Wuhan

Ip Man star Donnie Yen donates HK$1 million to frontline medical workers in Wuhan

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  1. Look on the one hand Yen’s been a CCP supporter and this is just him donating to an organization known to be corrupt on behalf of the government. Being a fan of Yen and other HK stars who’ve come out as CCP supporters has been pretty rough on me.


    But this is still a lot of money that will mostly be used (maybe even entirely, given the gravity) to help a ton of lesser fortunate people who direly need the aid.

  2. not sure how much will get funnel to the people that actually needs it, but every little bits count.

  3. All these comments about him giving aid to the CCP – He donated to a charitable org on the ground in Wuhan.. Stop shitting on others goodwill whilst you sit at home on Reddit doing nothing.

  4. reddit never ceases to amazing with these dumbass comments.

    Realize that reddit doesn’t give a fuck about HK, but rather its own opinion on the matter and anyone that disagrees is basically a nazi. Bunch of morons.

  5. Man I love reddit. Everything is bad because of some little thing (or big in this case)

  6. I am one with the force and the force is with me

  7. “I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.”

  8. Donnie Yen is one of my heroes, this is awesome to see.

  9. Also he does not stand with hong kong.

  10. Red Cross China thanks you for your bribe.

  11. Donnie Yen is just a humble and amazing person. I love his movies and he only makes me like him more with stuff like this.

  12. He was forced to keep his look… come on guys… China is fucked

  13. fuck Donnie Yen. 光復香港,時代革命

  14. Lmao. If you actually want to do shit, donate to the hospitals themselves. Guess what? Charities are giving the best masks and protective equipment to politicians and doctors are getting none of that shit. Politicians in a meeting room have better quality masks than doctors on the frontline.

    If you actually want to do shit, be like Xiao Zhan and donate actual equipment to actual hospitals rather than go through third parties who really just donate everything back to the CCP.

  15. Donnie Yen giving money to the CCP

  16. How about he donate to HK? More mainlaind shoeshining. Nothing to see here.

  17. From HongKonger’s opinion, many of us know that he pro-communist actor, we don’t see he supports Hong Kong frontline medical workers.

  18. Still supporting brutal regime against his fellow hong kong citizens. He’s a fucking quisling.

  19. none of you would have the nuts to say anything to donnie yen or jackie fucking chan, they would whoop everyone here

  20. If you convert to freedom units, this amounts to $128,626.50 USD. That’s a generous donation.

  21. Finally someone with pure celebrity power! The medics need help [close the borders and get medics more supplies ](https://youtu.be/z7N1SEqmR-Y)

  22. It’s good to see some HongKongers keep fighting for their demands even their lives been threatened by lethal disease. Applause for ya

  23. Imagine all the bat soup you could buy.

  24. What’s happening over there? They told me it was a nothingburger

  25. Genuine question, as a Canadian that is of Chinese descent, I’ve always wondered why charities and foundations in China have a harder time generating donations compared to western countries, because here in Canada, tons of corporations and millionaires donate a boatload money to foundations or charities.


    Apparently the top 100 philanthropists have given less than the founder of Facebook back in 2014. Maybe things have changed since? I think its maybe just part of the culture in China to not be as charitable?

  26. I glanced at the title and thought he donated $1 million to Fortnite

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