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Iran accuses America of searching for an excuse for war and Washington is pulling out an aircraft carrier from the Gulf to “reduce” the tension


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif accused the United States, Thursday, of trying to find a pretext to launch an attack on his country, while Acting Defense Minister Christopher Miller decided to withdraw an aircraft carrier outside the Gulf to reduce tension.

CNN quoted Pentagon officials as saying that Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller decided to pull the USS Nimitz out of the Gulf to “reduce tension” with Iran.

She added that there are divisions within the Pentagon over the current threat level from Iran.

The officials also pointed out that the recent tension is based on intelligence information that Iran and its allied militias in Iraq are planning attacks against US forces in the region, and that the deployment of US military components in the Gulf is due to information that Iran has transferred short-range ballistic missiles to Iraq.

They emphasized that there is no confirmed information indicating that Iran’s attack on US forces may be imminent.

The officials told CNN that some in the Trump administration exaggerate the seriousness of the situation with Iran and leap to believe in the possibility of reprisal attacks by Iran on the anniversary of Soleimani’s assassination.

For his part, Zarif accused the United States today, Thursday, of trying to find an excuse to launch an attack on his country, and pledged that Tehran would defend itself despite it not seeking war.

“President Donald Trump and his entourage are wasting billions to send B-52 fighters and fleets to our region. Information coming from Iraq indicates a plot to create an excuse for war,” he said in a tweet on Twitter.

He added in the tweet, “Iran does not seek war, but it will explicitly and directly defend its people, its security and its vital interests.”

Revenge for Soleimani

The US Central Command announced the dispatch of two strategic bombers, “B52” (B52) to the Middle East, to confirm what it said was a commitment by the US military towards the security of the region.

General Frank MacKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, said that Washington is ready and able to respond to any potential aggression, and warned against reducing America’s capabilities in defending its forces or acting decisively in response to any attack. But he stressed, on the other hand, that Washington does not seek conflict through these moves.

On the Iranian side, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, General Muhammad Bagheri, said that the assassination of General Soleimani does not have a statute of limitations, and the perpetrators promised harsh revenge.

Bagheri added that Iran will continue to double the mission of removing US forces from the region.

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