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Iran reportedly to sue Trump, US military over Soleimani killing

Iran reportedly to sue Trump, US military over Soleimani killing

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  2. In related news, families of murdered airline passengers sue Iran

  3. Will the families of the 800+ protestors IRGC has shot and killed in the past 2 months be getting any compensation from the Iranian government?

    It feels like most of the world has completely forgotten that Iranian troops were machine gunning protestors just weeks ago

  4. Where can I sue Iran for everything they’ve done to Syria?

  5. Well the US doesn’t recognize the ICJ and it certainly doesn’t respect Iraqi or Iranian courts so this is just grandstanding

  6. Let them sue. I do not think the US will honor any decision coming from the UN regarding Iran. I’d send them a photo of the money though.

  7. Sounds more diplomatic than shooting down civilian airliners.

  8. Man, tensions rising with Iran, a new Taiwanese President angering China and fires in Australia, 2020 is crazy!

  9. I’m fine with this. Can we sue Iran for all the Canadians they killed?

  10. Everyone knows this will fail but this had a chance if they didn’t tantrum bomb Iraqi bases and blown up a civillian airplane.

  11. I want to see Iran and Trump settle this in Judge Judy’s court.

  12. “let them fight.” -japanese dude from that giant monster movie.

  13. Can they just stop posing and STFU? Every threat has been a complete laugh. Why would this be any different? Iran will do nothing.

  14. Apparently all of the negative responses have made Trump to decide to reverse the Soleimami killing. Hopefully that will make some progress!

  15. hope they just go ahead and ask for a gazillion dollars

  16. Interesting. Idk how this is going to work. I know companies can sue a Gov’t but Gov’t suing another Gov’t? Eh, better than war…

  17. Hahahaha They are going to sue in Hawaii BAHAHAHA

  18. does iran still have lawyers, or did they all flee or get killed after the revolution?

  19. Do international judges wear big fancy wigs? This is an honest question.

    Edit: wow did some research… turns out the International Court of Justice is confusing. The 1st Judge, President, and consecutively Vice President was from El Salvador. Also Panama, and Egypt have held(?) the Asia* seat it seems. None of those countries are in Asia, last time I checked the map. But I’m sure there is some reason for it I just don’t know.

  20. Guess that’s what they meant by making the US pay…. a lawsuit

  21. Makes sense. How much were the premiums on his life insurance policy?

  22. Appears trump strike on Soleimani is resulting exactly how he had hoped it would go. Eliminating a terrorist responsible for coordinating attacks on US troops and forcing Iran to back off further such attacks in the region.

    They’re resorting to suing trump in court.

  23. Any court that would take this seriously is one we should all ignore.

  24. Didn’t Iran say they were done getting back at the US after firing missiles at the Iraqi base?

  25. It’s hilarious reading about politics now. So many neckbeard warhawks wanting you go to war while sitting with pistachio nut shells sprinkled on their clothes

  26. Trump is the best at getting sued.

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