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Iran, Russia and China joint War Games

Iran, Russia and China joint War Games

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  1. Now we know who the Neo Axis are…

  2. Waiting for the moment they all realize they hate each other and kill each other off.

  3. This is reminding me of something terrible and it’s ominous as fuck.

  4. Nice, balance of power is an important thing.

  5. Executions, repression, shooting protestors, war mongering, invasions of neighbours, and concentration camps – I’ve picked my side on this one, just not sure which way Trump will go.

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-russia-china-to-hold-joint-wargames-in-message-to-the-world/) reduced by 73%. (I’m a bot)
    > Iran, China, and Russia will hold in the coming weeks their first-ever joint war drills, which leaders say are meant to send a "Message to the world" about increased military cooperation between the rogue countries.

    > The joint war drills will be aimed at sending a message to the world, particularly Western nations, like the United States, that have sought to constrain Iran's expanding military ambitions.

    > "The joint wargame between Iran, Russia, and China, which will hopefully be conducted next month, carries the same message to the world, that these three countries have reached a meaningful strategic point in their relations, with regard to their shared and non-shared interests, and by non-shared I mean the respect we have for one another's national interests," Khanzadi was quoted as saying.

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  7. All the more reason for Trump to turn his back on it’s allies!. Soon it won’t be an election for POTUS it will be for the big 3’s Bitch!

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