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Iran Says US Must Fix Its Own ‘Nontransparent’ and Undemocratic Elections Before Lecturing Others

Iran Says US Must Fix Its Own ‘Nontransparent’ and Undemocratic Elections Before Lecturing Others

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  1. And Iran must stop hanging gays and stoning women before they talk about “undemocratic”.

  2. [Democracy Index: US #25 = Flawed Democracy, Iran #151 = Authoritarian](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index)

  3. Didnt iran recently kill 1300ish of their own citizens for protesting fuel rationing/prices. Iran also rigs just about every election from city to national. The US has problems, over reliance on social media and its amount of influence it has is one, gerrymandering is another, voter suppression also happens. However our largest problem is voter turn out

    Edit: forgot to point out that Iran knows nothing of democracy since its an authoritarian theocracy within a thin democratic shell.

  4. The lack of democracy in Iran is the US’ own doing. Look up Coup 53. America and Britain deliberately crushed any chance for democracy over there

  5. The United States has [institutional minority rule](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connecticut_Compromise) built into its system. Meanwhile, Iran is a tyrannical Islamic theocracy where to even participate in the system, you have to be approved by the right people.

  6. /r/worldnews has no memory of actual news.

    [On 15 December 2019, Amnesty International reported that at least 304 people had been killed in the protests,](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019%E2%80%9320_Iranian_protests#Deaths_and_casualties)

  7. Who gives a fuck what Iran says?

  8. So we’re just posting straight-up Iranian propaganda and pretending it’s “news”? OK.

  9. commondream is already a trash source but it’s now becoming a propaganda engine for the geopolitical opponents of the United States

  10. Iran is a terrorist state who’s murdered thousands of protesters in the last few months. They haven’t held a real election in decades, and the fact that I’m able to criticize the US government comfortably but could be executed or imprisoned for the same thing in Iran shows how little room they have to criticize another government.

    Articles like this are glorified trolling.

  11. The country that literally steals and degrades the votes of its people. Surely this is bullshit…

  12. ITT: tons of people complaining this post isn’t news and is just propaganda. Tons of people who use reddit. Reddit, where this post was upvoted to 36k. In 4 hours. 4 hours. 36k. Hmm.

  13. Yall remember when Iran had a secular democratically elected parliament and prime minister?

    And then the US/UK said “NO thanks! Give us extremists religious jihadis in charge please!”

    It seems like every secular democratic government in the middle east has been systematically sabotaged and replaced by jihadis *at the US’s direction*.

    Edit: Since people keep making the same comment: yes the coup of 53 directly led to the revolution of 79. Had the US not empowered and allied with the extremist Islamic faction to oust secular Mosaddegh in 53 the islamists never would have had the power and legitimacy to oust the shah in 79. The two events are directly connected.

  14. Coming from the nation whose government is designed so that the parliament can never overrule the Supreme Leader? That’s rich.

  15. >”ignores the vote of the majority of people” and said “American officials had better address questions” about the country’s elections from the U.S. public.

    The United States elections are transparent and the rules have been [clear for over two centuries](https://www.usconstitution.net/xconst_A2Sec1.html).

    Why was this even posted here? To score America Man Bad points by disseminating Iranian “whataboutism” this site loves to shout?

    This is especially hilarious coming from the laughable left wing blog ‘commondreams’ seeing as how the left was desperately pushing for faithless electors to vote against the will of their states for Clinton.

  16. The fact that so many posts about Iran being critical of the USA gain traction and popularity on reddit is a testament to the validity of Reddit. /s

  17. I think this would be less of hyperbole if it came from a much more democratic nation. Like Japan, Canada, Germany, etc. Since Iran oppresses their own people.On the other hand, US government criticizing Iran or other rogue nations that suppress their own people and asking them to change. While supporting other countries that do the same and have refused to change.. Mostly Egypt, Turkey, and Gulf countries.

  18. Well, of course they were going to *say* that.

    As a gay person I’d 100,000% rather be gay in the US than gay in Iran, despite transparency issues.

    Transparency is mitigated by free speech, y’all.

    A problem with one is apparent in a problem with t’other.

  19. It’s absolutely beyond me how people are actually agreeing with iran on this. How is a country that doesn’t have freedom of speech or that literally hangs homosexuals going to try and tell us to fix our own “undemocratic” elections.

  20. I see a lot of people getting really defensive. Please be objective about this.

    Please don’t react by finger pointing back after getting finger pointed at.

    This is Iran (as flawed as it may be) pointing out a flaw in the US (their motives are probably not good).

    This is probably about the Iowa Caucus. In the article, they claim that the US ignores the popular vote. Which they just did in Iowa, Bernie Sanders won the popular vote by 6000 votes, but not declared the winner.

    This is in fact undemocratic, for those of you who followed the Iowa caucus, you must have no doubt there was not enough transparency.

    The Iranian government sees this as a good opportunity to take a shot at the US. I am pretty sure they are not doing this because they actually care about democracy.

  21. Iran gunned down thousands of protestors in the latest protests. Imagine being so woke that you’re for a regime that kills homosexuals , machine guns protestors, and stone women for adultery.

  22. Yeah the Iowa democratic primary was a shit show. Seriously tho Iran is one of the most backwards totalitarian gay killing women oppressing Stone Age terrorist producing shit hole countries in the world. This statement from them is beyond retarded yet the libs are all like “yeah! Iran is right, America sucks!” Lol crazy

  23. Reddit really is a lost cause isn’t it.

    Shame how far y’all have fallen. Glad the top comment is calling out the absurdity of this but reddit as a whole is still upvoting Iranian garbage to the top.

  24. The Iranian government is in no position to be criticizing democratic countries. This is a joke.

  25. How about Iran goes ahead and fucks itself before suggesting anything to anyone?

  26. When Russian trolls infiltrate social media it’s at least somewhat understandable – it’s a big nation with superpower ambitions and world-class cyberwarfare forces. But having overt Iranian propaganda on top of /r/worldnews at all times is something else entirely. I think Reddit might have gone insane.

  27. Iran should shoot down fewer of their own planes.

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