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Iran’s president: Trump doesn’t want war ahead of 2020 vote

Iran’s president: Trump doesn’t want war ahead of 2020 vote

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  1. Heh. That guy thinks that Trump can think ahead by six months. He funny.

  2. Iran’s president thinks much too highly of Trump.

  3. More like Iran’s president hopes Trump wont start a war ahead of 2020 vote… Looking at everything else Trump can get away with, starting a war to win another election would be right up to his alley.

  4. Trump won’t leave willingly if defeated and has mentioned civil war /violence far too many times, so he wants a war post election day in his own Country instead of an external war

  5. You sure Iran? American’s historically favor the incumbent if there’s a war. Just like they do when they think the economy is good.

  6. The U.S gains nothing from war at this stage.

    The U.S would be looking at this transactionally; Hoping to maximise pressure against Iran at the lowest cost.

    They want to pressure Iran to A) minimise risk to U.S / Allies in the region, as the middle east is an important geographic location to safeguard against bigger adversaries. B) maintain global oil security. The U.S economy relies on oil, but so to does one of its chief adversaries (Russia).

    War would be an option if circumstances warranted it. However it is also the most costly way for the U.S to secure its goals. As for Iran, war is basically only a last ditch option. Iran loses, the best they could hope for is to make it difficult for the U.S, which isn’t very self serving.

  7. I honestly don’t believe Trump wants a war at all. He’s an isolationist.

  8. Iran is just not that important to Americans I think. Most of us don’t care much about what happens there. And war would at the very least be expensive as fuck even if it was an easy win like Iraq. It would also be pointless unless it was a form of deterrence as a response to an attack from them.

    Flying in to destroy nuclear weapons development programs or even just nuclear power plants maybe, but not any kind of real war. That sort of thing could turn into a war, but only if Iran wants it to.

    Probably we will eventually have to fight Iran because they *will* continue to secretly develop nuclear weapons and it’s in our interest to stop that from happening if we can. We definitely don’t want any middle eastern country having nuclear weapons of any kind if we can help it. Pakistan is bad enough.

    But that would only turn into a war if Iran continues the fight past the initial bombing raids against nuclear targets. Fighting a war you know you cannot really win is never smart, but just allowing its nuclear stuff to get bombed also makes them look weak. So who knows what would happen. Depends on who is in charge at the time. Probably Rouhani would fire some missiles at US and/or Israeli targets or do some other ‘proportional’ response to the attacks.

  9. He thought he did, but then Tucker Carlson and the alt right’s fury convinced Trump that he actually doesn’t, so the right had to scramble and pretend that he was somehow the only one providing stability to the region.

  10. There will be no war. Everyone said he would start multiple wars after his election in 2016. How’d that age?

  11. lol Iran knows its completely fucked in event of a war so

  12. He wants it ahead of the 2024 election so he can declare a state of national emergency and suspend elections rather.

  13. Actually though, American presidential elections show that a war is a great re-election tool.

  14. But imagine how he would act if he won….

  15. That’s what he wants you to think.

  16. Orange Man Bad isn’t the warmonger the media wanted him to be.

    Sorry folks.

    Trump 2020 Landslide.

  17. Every politician wants to be re-elected; none of them would turn down being re-elected even if it means starting a war. I mean it’s not like Trump has to go to war or any of his kids; so it doesn’t affect him.

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