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Iraq … targeting a convoy working for the coalition and Kataib Hezbollah warns of “all-out war”

An Iraqi security source said that an explosive device targeted logistical support trucks working for the international coalition in Babel Governorate, south of Baghdad, while the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades did not rule out the outbreak of “all-out war.”

Lieutenant Munir Al-Nasser of the Babel Police Agency told Anadolu Agency that an explosive device was planted on the side of the highway connecting to Babel Governorate, and it exploded when a column of civilian trucks carrying logistical equipment belonging to the international coalition forces passed by.

He added that preliminary information indicates that the bombing did not cause casualties or damage.

Al-Jazeera correspondent said that the device exploded on the highway linking the cities of Hilla and Diwaniyah, indicating that an unknown armed faction claimed responsibility for the attack, and that it had not been confirmed that there were American vehicles within the targeted convoy.

This is the fifth attack of its kind within 8 days, as similar attacks took place on the international coalition convoys in the south of the country, and last Sunday witnessed unidentified firing 8 missiles at the Green Zone in Baghdad, which includes the buildings of the US embassy.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the embassy was attacked with several missiles, including 3 that did not explode, warning Iran against killing any Americans there.


On the other hand, the security official in the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, Abu Ali Al-Askari, said that the area is boiling on hot tin, and that the possibility of an all-out war is present, which calls for restraint to miss the opportunity to what he described as the enemy.

Al-Askari added in a tweet that the bombing operations in recent days are only in Trump’s interest, and that they should not be repeated.

Al-Askari warned Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi of what he described as a test of the resistance’s patience.

Armed Shiite factions linked to Iran – including the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades – had threatened to target US forces’ positions in Iraq, unless they withdrew in compliance with the Iraqi parliament’s decision issued early this year to end the military presence in the country.

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