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Iraqi Nazem Al-Zahawi .. From the difficulty of learning English to the position of Minister of Vaccines in Britain

Every time British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands proud of his country’s achievement in vaccinating millions of elderly people more than what all European countries have achieved together, there is someone who is racing against time to secure the arrival of vaccine doses to medical centers, and is fighting a real battle to reach the goal of vaccinating 13.9 million people by the middle of Next February, Nazem Al-Zahawi is Minister of Vaccines in Johnson’s government.

Nazem Al-Zahawi, of Iraqi origin, is considered the first person responsible for the largest vaccination operation in the history of the United Kingdom, and he bears on his shoulders the responsibility of immunizing people over the age of 80 years at the beginning of next February, and this category constitutes 88% of Corona deaths in the United Kingdom.

Reflecting on Al-Zahawi’s political path, it becomes clear that the man was always on a date with history as he was the first person from an Arab country to reach parliament in 2010, and here he is returning this time to be the first minister of Arab origins to lead a sensitive and complex process, which is the provision of vaccines to the British. With the number of deaths in the country reaching more than a hundred thousand since the emergence of the Corona virus a year ago.

The Iraqi Child

“Your child has some problems in dealing with the English language.” This is how the English professor addressed my father, Nazem Al-Zahawi, after arriving in the United Kingdom when he was nine years old, and came to it from Iraq with his family in the seventies. The Financial Times reports that Al-Zahawi was confronted in his early days. In this new country, problems with speaking and learning English.

However, this obstacle was soon overcome, so Al-Zahawi embarked on an academic and academic path in important schools and universities in the capital, London, starting with King’s College in Wimbledon, then he received his university education, University College. Affiliated to University of London.

Nazem Al-Zahawi inherited from his family the love of initiative and trade, even though it put his family in a crisis, forcing his family to give up much of what they owned to finance his studies and he was a bet, and indeed it was a winning bet, immediately this young Iraqi of origin will move to work on personal projects, some of which will become more famous From fire to the flag in Britain and the world.

Nazem Al-Zahawi succeeded in several fields until he became a successful businessman before assuming ministerial positions in Britain (French)

Successful businessman

Currently, Nazem Al-Zahawi is considered one of the wealthiest members of Johnson’s government thanks to his successful projects in many sectors, which he was forced to give up managing in favor of his wife due to his political commitments.

Perhaps the jewel in the crown of the British minister’s projects is his participation in the establishment of the “YOU GOV” opinion polls site in 2000 with the former parliamentarian for the Conservative Party Stephen Shakespeare, and quickly the site achieved great success, and was listed on the London Stock Exchange within 5 years of its establishment, and currently the site is considered the largest. In the field of opinion polls in Britain and has a global impact.

Nazem Al-Zahawi continued his path in the field of finance and business despite his break into the world of politics in 2010, where he held the position of head of strategies in an oil and gas extraction company, operating mainly in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and he remained in this position from 2015 to 2017, and the source of his current wealth is his founding with his wife A firm specializing in real estate has an estimated value of £ 41m.

Many interpretations claim that one of the reasons for the appointment of Al-Zahawi as Minister of Vaccines is his experience in dealing with the media, and his accumulated experience in extrapolating public opinion and popular orientation, especially at this stage where the state of doubt prevails and the spread of conspiracy theories about the Corona vaccine.

Many media reports quoted personalities who worked with Al-Zahawi as “a businessman with distinction and serious in his work and has a lot of energy and the ability to move quickly and effectively”, and perhaps the specifications required by the process of vaccinating millions of British people.

Nazem Al-Zahawi also draws on his experience in the distribution of commodities and products in which he previously worked by working with one of the largest commercial groups in Britain.

The spread of the second strain of Corona virus has limited movement in London to a large extent, fearing the rapid spread of the virus (Al-Jazeera)

Arab in Parliament

The British network “BBC” classified Nazem Al-Zahawi as the first person from an Iraqi Kurdish clan who was able to enter parliament in 2010 on behalf of the Conservative Party in “Stratford on iPhone”, which is the area of ​​the famous novelist William Shakespeare and his birthplace.

Perhaps Al-Zahawi did not know that when he wrote a joint book in 2011 with the current Minister of Health Matt Hancock on human behavior during the economic crisis of 2008 under the title “Masters of Nothing”, they would meet in the front row to be responsible for impregnating the British.

He also succeeded in establishing good relations with the leaders of the first row in the Conservative Party, and in 2018 he became Minister of Education in the government of Tizza May, and with the arrival of Boris Johnson assigned him the Ministry of Business due to his economic background.

Al-Zahawi and Boris Johnson did not have good relations, especially at the level of political positions, as he supported the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2016, then voted against him in the party leadership elections in 2019, and for this his appointment for this major task was a surprise to a large number of followers.

“It is the biggest task I will present to the country that has given me everything,” Al-Zahawi says of the mission to make the largest vaccination operation in the country’s history successful. So far, the numbers are in favor of Al-Zahawi, given the rapid pace of vaccination, and the achievement of the goal of vaccinating 200,000 people per day.

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