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Is vaccination against the virus the final solution to the Corona pandemic?

Controversy still exists in all circles about the effectiveness of the Corona virus vaccine in immunization from the disease, and whether it is the final solution to ending the epidemic that has swept the world, after the emergence of voices questioning its usefulness.

An article on the American “The Hill” website stated that Americans began to breathe easily, believing that vaccination is the final solution and the end of the nightmare of the “Covid-19” pandemic, but this confidence is misplaced, and vaccination is part of the answer, not the complete solution.

The article – written by Professor Dean Waldman, former director of the Health Care Policy Center at the Texas Public Policy Foundation – explains that the goal of vaccination is to make everyone immune to the virus, and this is impossible for two reasons: The first is that 6% – or 19.8 million Americans – will remain vulnerable to infection, in best case scenario. The second is that many will not accept the vaccination. A poll showed that the percentage of these people ranges between 9 and 20%.

Waldman personally estimated that about 40% would remain vulnerable to infection, and therefore society would not develop herd immunity, and pointed out that the herd immunity that is achieved through mass vaccination is called “synthetic or medical herd immunity,” while the herd immunity acquired through infection and recovery is called herd immunity Natural. ” In his view, the best solution involves a three-pronged approach:

First: To provide vaccination to all beneficiaries who wish to do so so that they can finally develop a measure of artificial herd immunity, and stop the closures and distancing.

Second: Allowing Americans to return to work, play and pray, thus allowing the virus to spread to the general population, which is very low-risk, so that society can develop natural immunity to the herd.

Third: Until full protection is achieved through herd immunity, the population at high risk is subjected to strict quarantine, as well as vaccination.

Waldman says that this tripartite approach does not require anyone to admit a mistake, what officials have only to change their position of closure and tighten restrictions on everyone to give the people a better and faster opportunity to stop the epidemic and recover from the devastation.

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