1. This happened after Trump lobbied Netanyahu. Both House party leaders were in agreement that the visit should happen, as well as the ambassador. This is an unwise move for several reasons. Trump may be gone in a year and a half, in all likelihood many members of congress won’t be. It could have been a great opportunity for dialogue between Netanyahu and the two members, discussing BDS, Palestinians, and more.

    Also, Trump asking a foreign government to retaliate against American citizens (let alone two members of congress) is yet another impeachable offense.

  2. “Minister, how do we show the world that these congresswomen are wrong about us, that we don’t discriminate based on religious belief or Palestinian sympathy?”

    “I know, lets ban them from entry for criticizing Israeli policy in occupied Palestine!”

  3. I mean, Rep. Tlaib literally calls for Israel to be removed and replaced with a Palestinian-run state.

    Is it so surprising Israel wouldn’t admit them as they call for its destruction?

  4. The fact that the American political system is beholden to a country operating a system similar to apartheid is insane. Of course its largely driven by the right-wing scumbags who adopt every awful policy conceivable

  5. This is a dumb decision if they do it.

    That being said, the headline is misleading because it sounds like Israel is considering banning *any* Democratic Congresswomen from entering when it’s really just two who have supported the BDS movement. If someone said a stadium considers banning opposing fans from attending games, and it turned out they were just considering banning two particular opposing fans, I think we would all agree the title was misleading.

  6. I hope they let them visit Israel but I’ll understand why they won’t , you just know they’ll cherry pick tiny shit and make a mountain out of a molehill, why would you invite an openly hostile person who seeks to destroy you to your country? What good can come out of it for Israel when you knowwwww they’ll disregard all the good israel is doing

  7. 30+ democrats just visited Israel last week. These two openly support the destruction of Israel.

    This certainly is a dumb move for image purposes but letting them visit wouldn’t change their opinions.

  8. I think they actually did? maybe I didn’t hear the TV properly.

    TBH though I would also not invite people into my house whose sole agenda is to badmouth me or my things or lifestyle or whatever…

  9. I’m on the fence about this, to be honest. I don’t think people should be banned from visiting countries for political views, but Omar and Tlaib aren’t coming in with an open mind or with any diplomatic intention. They blatantly have no goodwill towards Israel or pro-Israel Jews.

    It’s a good thing that they’re planning to go to the West Bank and engaging with Palestinians who have grievances. But are they gonna go to Southern Israel to see the scorched farmland, visit Sderot to see bomb shelters, damaged homes and schools, meet traumatized families? Probably not.

  10. Israel, trumps little bitch.

    It’s unfathomable that a president would make remarks about this, and try to influence a foreign countries decision to admit people. Americans should be storming the whitehouse, storming the Congress, demanding change and action in this. We’re hitting a tipping point in America and it’s really fucking bleak

  11. Great move, these two clowns belong in a circus not in government. They’re uneducated and filled with hate, just like the bulk of the blind people in this thread.

  12. “Democratic Country” just excessing their right of apartheid, oppression, and information blackout. Nothing to see here folks …

    Now let’s get back to things that matter. When are we getting our annual $3.6 billion check? Illegal settlements and political contributions don’t grow on 800000 Palestinian olive trees we uprooted.

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