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Israeli extremists attack Palestinian cars in West Jerusalem

A video documented the survival of two Palestinian youths from the attack by right-wing Israelis on their car in West Jerusalem, and other Palestinians were attacked, while the Israeli occupation police clashed with Israeli extremists during protests in separate places on Thursday evening.

A video clip published by Israeli media showed a crowd of right-wingers attacking a car with two Palestinians in it.

One of them tried to defend himself and confront the crowds after he got out of the car, while the other fled with his car from the scene, and it was not clear if they were injured as a result of the attack.

Eyewitnesses said that a number of Palestinian cars that were near the sites of the protests were attacked by the Israeli right-wing.

The Israeli Occupation Police said – in a statement today, Friday – that extremists organized protests in separate places in West Jerusalem on Thursday evening, adding that the police forces moved against the riots, and that their members were pelted with stones and eggs and assaulted.

The statement added that this resulted in damage to several police cars, civilian vehicles and public buses, damage to road infrastructure, burning of bombs and traffic jams.

The statement estimated that hundreds of extremists participated in the violent protests, and said that they had set fire to garbage containers in several areas.

The police also confirmed the injury of a policeman riding a motorcycle with a stone in his hand, and announced the arrest of 20 demonstrators on charges of “disturbing order, causing damage and blocking transport routes.”

Right-wing Israelis have been organizing for several days protests in West Jerusalem against the killing of a settler last week, while he was being pursued by police in the occupied West Bank.

Source : Social Media + Anadolu Agency

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