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It is shown after the death of the hero .. Chadwick Bosman’s latest work with Viola Davis on Netflix

Netflix has announced its new movie, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” starring American actress Viola Davis, who won two Oscar and Emmy awards, in partnership with the late black panther Chadwick Bosman.

The movie is the movie version of the American writer August Wilson’s first play, which he wrote in 1984 as part of his “Century Cycle”, consisting of 10 plays, and directed by George C. Wolf.


After Davis achieved a precedent for being the first black actress to win 3 of the four major American entertainment awards, as she won an Oscar for her role in “Fences”, and an Emmy Award for her role in “How do you get away with a murder?” (How to Get Away with Murder?), And before her she won a Tony Award for Theater, will she continue her progress to receive the fourth prize, a Grammy Award for her role in “The Bottom of What Rainy Black”?

Although the film has not yet been shown, some critics expect Davis to be nominated for an Academy Award again for her role in “The Bottom of Ma Rainy Black”, based on the footage shown in the trailer in which she appeared in the spirit and energy of “Ma Rainey” the truth.

The director of the film told Deadline that the musical aspects of the film were presented in cooperation with the great American saxophonist Branford Marsalis, and that another singer was required to support Davis in some of the songs.

The musical drama is set in 1924 in the state of Chicago, to tell us part of the late career of Ma Rainey while recording an album with the great musician Levy, whose role the late Chadwick Bosman embodies, with a performance expected to achieve something rare for him, which is an Oscar nomination after death.

The screening of the film was scheduled for December 18, after it was postponed due to the death of Bosman, at the age of 43, after his struggle with cancer.

But finally, the promotional clip was published and a date was set for the show, which Davis published in a tweet via her Twitter account, saying, “I can’t wait for you all to meet Rainy.”

I am not his mother but my child

This is not the first work that Davis brings together with Chadwick, as they worked together and Davis played his mother in the movie “Get On Up”, which is the reason why Davis is closer to him than any of the staff, so that she said, “Not to compete with his mother, but It was my child. “

Weeks ago, Davis called the star Chadwick on the day of his death with sad words expressing the shock and sadness you feel at his sudden loss, and wrote in a tweet, “Chadwick, there are no words to express the pain of your loss, your talent, your soul, your heart and your originality, it was a great honor for me to work alongside you, and get to know you. Farewell, Prince. “

first step

The film is produced by the creator Denzel Washington, who combined with Davis their film “Walls”, and it is not surprising that he chose her to be the heroine of the first step of his dream and his huge project, which is the production of the rest of Wilson’s group “The Century of the Century” consisting of 10 plays, and the agreement was with the “HP network” Or “(HBO) but he moved to Netflix.

On the performance of Davis the role of Rene, she said, “I did not think that I could play her role, I always see myself at the age of 28 years, but when I admitted that I was really 55 years old, I knew that it was the most appropriate age to play this role.”

“The film reveals what a black-skinned life was like in 1924, which contains a mixture of hope and trauma from what blacks were experiencing in the past,” she added.

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