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‘It is time for independence’: Nicola Sturgeon says she will demand Scottish vote to leave the UK next year

‘It’s time for independence’: Nicola Sturgeon says she is going to demand Scottish vote to go away the UK subsequent 12 months

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  1. I hope the dumb fucks who voted for Brexit are ready to literally lose half their country, cause that’s exactly what’s gonna happen now. Scotland will go, and Northern Ireland won’t be too far behind. Congrats! You’ve done Putin’s job for him better than he ever could have imagined. The United Kingdom will now cease to exist because of your ignorance and gullibility.

  2. If people thought Brexit was a mess, just fucking wait till the absolute clusterfuck that will arise from trying to separate a 300+ year old union.

  3. She did the same thing in 2017 [https://news.gov.scot/news/section-30-letter](https://news.gov.scot/news/section-30-letter).


    Not taking sides by the way, just thought it was interesting.

  4. Chinese and Russian Masterplan unfolding nicely.

    Step 1) destabilize US

    Step 2) destabilize EU

    Step 3) destabilize UK

    Step 4) destabilize democracy

    Expand and rule. Scary

  5. Leader of party that advocates Scottish independence advocates Scottish independence

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/nicola-sturgeon-snp-conference-scotland-will-demand-independence-2019-10) reduced by 80%. (I’m a bot)
    > ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – Nicola Sturgeon has announced she plans to request an independence referendum to take place next year, in order to remove Scotland from "The politics of Johnson and Trump.”

    > "Be in no doubt, we are winning the case for independence," the Scottish first minister told the Scottish National Party conference in Aberdeen.

    > Downing Street plans to reject Scotland's request, with the prime minister's spokesperson saying: "The Prime Minister has set out his views in relation to an independence referendum. The last vote was described as once in a generation.”

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  7. The only way the SNP will get their second referendum is part of coalition condition with the labour and possibly the Lib Dems

    The thing is support for an independent Scotland is only high due to Brexit, a second Brexit referendum with labour or a straight revocation of Article 50 with Lib Dem’s could kill that support.

  8. Will Queen Elizabeth still be Scotland’s Monarch if they leave the uk ?

  9. Need I mention again the price of oil, the high price of which was used as an argument during the referendum for ensuring Scotland remained solvent post separation?

    Domestic crude

    2014 av – $86.00

    2019 av (so far) – $46.35

  10. I’m completely open to opinions, however I don’t believe that Scotland will be granted another independence referendum in the near future. My reasons:

    * Scotland has already had one a few years ago, dubbed a ‘once in a generation’. I agree the circumstances around the referendum have changed, but the premise of it being ‘once in a generation’ leads me to believe that Westminster will not allow for a new one;
    * Giving a second independence referendum opens a huge can of worms – it basically validates the notion of a second brexit referendum, which the current UK government strongly oppose. The currently government could theoretically change party, however I don’t think a Corbyn government will be likely in the future due to opinion polls. Further to this, Corbyn is a well-documented Brexiteer;
    * Following from my previous point (and a personal opinion), I don’t believe most Wales, England or Northern Ireland citizens would support a UK government that promises a second Scottish independence referendum. It would be viewed as incredibly bad for the UK economy to allow Scottish separation of the union (call it Brexit irony);
    * It creates further economic instability for the UK, and reduces both international investment and domestic investment for the country. The current UK government would be very unlikely to commit to investment into Scotland given potential independence;
    * The current opinion polls suggest ‘no’ is at 47%, with ‘yes’ at 46% (and 7% don’t know). There’s isn’t a significant enough shift to independence to warrant another ~~independence~~ referendum;

  11. Surely Scotland leaving the UK is as bad for Scotland as staying in the UK and leaving the EU? I could be way off but this doesn’t seem right at all to me

  12. Some time next year

    Nicola Sturgeon: ” I *DEMAND* another independence vote”

    Current UK PM: “No”

    Nicola Sturgeon: “………”

  13. This is Nicola Sturgeon we are talking about.
    Its always time for independence according to the SNP, this isn’t really anything new.

  14. Put Scotland together with NI and the Republic and make yourself the United Celtic States.

  15. If everyone wants to turn their backs on the UK so be it. Scotland can continue to LARP about being oppressed by the rest of the UK while having it better than anyone else in the country. At first i wanted scotland to stay part of the UK but to be honest id be happy to see them go now. If they want too. If being in the UK is so bad.

  16. What is most terrifying about Scottish independence is that it would subject the remainder of the UK to conservative rule for the foreseeable future.

  17. UK: I’m going to hose my economy by leaving the customs union with my largest trading partner.

    Scotland: God, Brexit is so dumb.

    Also Scotland: I’m going to hose my economy by leaving the customs union with my largest trading partner.

  18. Does it mean that after years of Brexit mess you will have years of scotxit mess ?

  19. Plan ahead for several votes, just in case the first one doesn’t work out.

  20. As a midlander stuck in the middle I cant help but notice its a simular kind of nationistic insular politics that lead the scottish ref as the brexit one. The language and tone is the same, seems more that various politions have seen an opening to gain power rather than it be good for the people.
    I do hope this mess all ends soon.

  21. “Germany has control over us because of the EU. So, therefore, we’re going to make sure that we control no one including ourselves.” – Brexit

  22. Breaking up with BoJo the Clown is always a good idea.

  23. Honestly the only part of this that surprises me is that it took so long.

  24. Last referendum: please dont go Scotland we love you.

    Next referendum: is there room up there for Yorkshire?

  25. If she wants Scotland to leave the way to be 100% certain of winning a referendum is to allow the English to vote in it.

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