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It strengthens the family relationship and reduces the feeling of loneliness .. Characteristics of pets at home

Parents face the dilemma of their children’s constant demand for pets, and they also need to decide whether they are willing to take charge of a pet, especially if the children are young.

And there are increasing questions about the extent to which family members are actually ready for the presence of an animal in their home and their lives, or whether its presence will represent a burden on them, which will force them to get rid of it after a few months.

However, pets are part of families, for this reason, it is important to note that the first pet chosen must fit the lifestyle of people, and the importance of the positive impact of pets on our lives, and the importance of their presence in our daily surroundings, cannot be denied. He is a natural teacher, teaching people of any age to take responsibility, loyalty, kindness, sharing and unconditional love.

Al-Jazeera Net met with a number of families who went through the experience of the correct and appropriate choice of a domestic animal, thanks to consultations by specialists in the field of animal sciences, which greatly facilitated the task of owning pets.

A challenging experience

Young Joumana Abu Ghida found her happiness with her three cats after suffering with her mother, who never wanted a pet in her house, and it was a challenging experience for her, as she made her decision to own cats after consulting the animal science specialist Sim Kalash Pin by raising her first cat, and she acquiesced Her mother for a fait accompli, and made her change her behavior and way of thinking towards animals after a period of time, to the point that family life at home became better, warmer, more comfortable and happier than before.

After that, Joumana convinced her mother that there were 3 cats in the house, Mystic, Ziv and Givati, and made her utmost efforts to take care of her to the fullest.

She confirms that the three cats have never been a burden on the family, as they are independent animals that can train in the litter box for defecation, exercise, social communication, nutrition, playtime, and the provision of partnership and attention, all of which are crucial aspects of cat ownership.

Joumana considers that her cat “Mystic” is a reflection of her psyche and personality. She is very attached to her, especially after traveling with her abroad for 5 consecutive years, and her lack of feeling alienation and loneliness.

Pets in the house give a feeling of joy and love and relieve the feeling of loneliness (Al Jazeera)

Improve children’s behavior

As for Mrs. Alia Otaibi, she says, “There is no such thing as a harmony between animals and children, as if it were magic that has healing properties.”

Alia hesitated a lot before owning a dog for her two sons, because her eldest son is 13 years old and her daughter is 8 years old, and she fulfilled their desire to choose a distinctive type of dogs, which she called “Boyka”, which is from a species mixed between the German and another type, after consulting the specialist In animal science, Sim Kalash, which I encouraged a lot to acquire, because of its privacy and positive features, the most important of which is that it is not very aggressive and intelligent, and it is financially prepared to provide all the equipment that the dog needs at home, such as her food, visits to the veterinarian and her frequent vaccinations, while securing the place designated for her to play and sleep .

Alia considers that her family’s life has changed upside down after her dog’s arrival to the house, and it reflected positively on everyone in the house, and kept the specter of the daily routine in the events of her life, and the best that her sons gained was a sense of responsibility, improving their motor skills, developing a sense of responsibility and developing social behavior.

She confirms that her dog has become part of the family, and she has an emotional relationship with her members and makes them feel satisfied and happy, and contributes to controlling mental disorders.

Methods for choosing a pet

Animal science specialist and animal rights activist Sim Kalash Pin – who is the first supporter of the idea of ​​choosing the right pet for the family and the child – considers that the process of choosing the right pet for each one needs to make some effort to reach a satisfactory result and get an animal that fits the needs of each person. It outlines the best ways to choose a pet.

The loving relationship between children and pets has many benefits in improving their motor skills and developing a sense of responsibility (Al Jazeera)
  • Taking responsibility for the animal: Hence, the person who wants to own the pet needs to realize the full responsibility that he will bear on his shoulders, to be ready to be responsible for a living creature that depends on him completely, and to realize that neglecting him sometimes may cause his death.
  • The living condition of the individual with the financial budget: When choosing a pet, you must first consider your conditions, your livelihood, your life, your time, your home, your financial condition, and your ability to give attention and attention and take financial matters into consideration.
  • The appropriate type for each person: There are people who have excessive sensitivity towards cats or dogs, so it is possible to choose other types of birds, fish or reptiles, as these animals are interested in their affairs and leave their owner to his affairs, but this does not negate their feeling of concern, love and indifference.

One of the best choices for young children is a type of hamster or rodent called the “Guinea Pig”, which is very pet friendly and does not bite, as it is quiet, and does not require intensive care, in addition to choosing a type of bird called “Parachite” ( Parakeet is perfect for children too, and so is the “samurai fish”, which is the best type of fish for them.

However, cats are one of the best options for raising inside the home, and this is because they are a self-contained organism, as they do not need to spend much time with them, in addition to that they clean themselves and eliminate their need in the designated place without causing any chaos in the home.

But many people prefer to raise dogs at home, because they have many wonderful qualities, such as loyalty to their owner, in addition to dogs’ hearts filled with love, feelings and energy.

  • A daily organizational schedule and the adoption of advice from experts: It is very necessary to organize the individual’s time hour by hour, and to provide all necessary advice to individuals by receiving communications to facilitate their tasks in dealing with pets.

Psychological and physical comfort

Kalash says that in addition to psychological health, pets have many benefits for the physical health of a person, as most animals need a minimum of effort to take care of them, which helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and spending even a little time with a pet helps Reducing blood pressure and heart rate, especially for people who suffer from high blood pressure, and reduces 40% of the risk of heart and stroke.

Kalash adds that the great benefit of raising pets is to improve mental health, remove symptoms of depression, anxiety and spasms, and make people live longer, as it adds a feeling of joy and love to people’s lives, strengthens the family relationship and reduces feelings of loneliness, in addition to teaching a person the meaning of contentment and self-esteem. And unconditional love.

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