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It was exacerbated by the deal of the century and the normalization agreements … Jerusalem is depositing a year full of violations and is waiting for its continuation

The Israeli occupation has burdened Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites this year with more violations, which exacerbated their psychological impact on them to close the Al-Aqsa Mosque in front of them for a long time due to the repercussions of the Corona epidemic, and the Arab normalization race that culminated in the signing of two peace agreements between the UAE and Bahrain with Israel.

Foresight 2021
Ziad Abhais, a researcher on Jerusalem affairs, expects that it will continue in 2021 under the title “The continuation of the existential liquidation battle” announced by the outgoing US President Donald Trump in the name of the “Deal of the Century”, at least in his first months, and the inevitable crisis it will leave on Israel, which shares its crisis.

Abhais added, “At that time, it is possible that the American momentum to liquidate the Palestine issue and the momentum of Israeli pressure in the face of the internal crisis will diminish, but our crisis of relying on Joe Biden’s goodwill will return to the fore, and this will spoil the temporary Palestinian reconciliation and return the delusional bet on negotiations to the fore.” At the same time, we must be careful about what Trump is preparing for in the period between us and 1/2021/2021, during which wars in our region may be one of his options.

Worshipers during dawn prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque on the first day to reopen it after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic (Al-Jazeera)

Al Aqsa is a strategic goal carried over every year
Specifically, in Al-Aqsa, Abhais believes that Israel’s heading to early elections will maintain the tension and will not allow the attack on it to subside. Rather, it will most likely constitute a new aggression against Al Aqsa.

He added, “Al-Aqsa was a central theme in Netanyahu’s alliances and requirements in the last two election rounds, and the voters implicitly promised to open Al-Aqsa to the extremist incursions on Saturdays before the next elections, and this means a big step towards turning Saturday as a holy day for Jews in Al-Aqsa versus Friday for Muslims.”

The Jordan-based researcher pointed out that the political weight in the right-wing bloc is moving towards its more extreme side, and Netanyahu realizes that it is inevitable to meet the demands of this audience in order to remain in power and avoid trial.

Decisive events during 2020.

The great dawn
It started from the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, and moved to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in early December 2019, and the masses of the stationed people came to it in the thousands despite the cold weather and rain, and the initiative moved to the mosques of Palestine, and it was the first popular movement to link Palestine with all the geography of its occupation since the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000.

Abhais, commenting on this initiative, said that its launch to the Arab and Islamic worlds that responded to the call in the mosques of Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco almost turned into a global movement that would restore its brightness to the popular compass heading to Al-Aqsa, which proved to be still present and latent despite the wounds of wars and the response to revolutions. And the American and Zionist liquidation attempts.

He added that this movement was loaded with potential and hope, had it not been interrupted by the arrival of the Corona epidemic.

Corona epidemic
The occupation looked forward to employing it against the Great Dawn movement even before its arrival, and in the face of fear and anticipation of the unknown epidemic, and prior ill-intention to employ anti-epidemic measures against people, their mobility and societal spirit, fighting the Corona epidemic was the title of aborting the Great Dawn.

The occupation also took advantage of the epidemic – according to Abhais – to devote itself to activists and leaders in the absence of popular action with a campaign of arrests and deportations from Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, and to close the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque over a period of 69 days, which is the longest closure period since its liberation from the Crusaders, and to exploit this closure to impose permanent changes that affect the status quo Since before the occupation in 1967.

The epidemic did not stand in the face of the Palestinians alone, as the extremist intruders sought to impose the rituals of blowing the trumpet and offering plant sacrifices in Al-Aqsa as part of their new vision to impose the sacrificial rituals of the alleged temple in Al-Aqsa, but the conditions of the pandemic and the escalating rate of injuries and Netanyahu’s desire to close the general to abort the demonstrations against him went in the opposite way. The schemes of the intruders and their leaders.

The Deal of the Century and the Abraham Agreements
Jerusalem was a central theme in the Deal of the Century, which provided for the city to be placed under permanent Israeli sovereignty.

The Abraham agreement came to adopt everything that the deal of the century proposed towards Al-Aqsa, by trying to redefine it as the tribal prayer hall only, and to consider its squares and terraces as an open space for joint prayer with the Jews, to acknowledge Israeli sovereignty over it as legitimate and permanent, and to legitimize the arrest and deportation of the Almoravids, considering that this is a censorship of Peaceful Muslim worshipers.

A group of settlers storming the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque (Al-Jazeera)

Demographic war continues
The demolition of homes in Jerusalem continued this year as the population’s main weapon of war against Jerusalemites, with the occupation’s focus on self-demolition in recent years, by pushing Jerusalemites to demolish their homes by their own hands to avoid exorbitant fines and pay them the costs of demolition in the event that the Israeli municipal bulldozers do so.

One of the Jerusalemites described to Al-Jazeera Net that his self-demolition of his house was like taking his heart out of his body with his hand.

Al-Aqsa closed due to Corona
Perhaps the closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque over a period of 69 days was the harshest thing that has passed for the Jerusalemites who used to attend it daily, in addition to the ongoing Israeli attempts to abort the results of the Gate of Mercy gift that led to the opening of the chapel doors, and the endeavor to convert the eastern squares of the mosque into a biblical school.

Abhais concluded his comment on the events of 2020 by saying that the closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque was the title of striking the will of the people and shaking their conscience under the name of the epidemic, adding that after the epidemic and its details became clearer, it should not be allowed to close Al-Aqsa in his name, even for one hour, so Al-Aqsa is an open place with an area of ​​144 thousand square meters. It is sufficient to maintain the distance in it to prevent it from becoming a focus of the Corona virus outbreak.

2020 in numbers
Monitoring Wadi Hilweh Information Center during the year 2020:
– About 1840 arrests in Jerusalem, including 600 arrests in the town of Al-Issawiya alone, and among those arrested were 90 women and girls.

– More than 180 cases of self-demolition, and through the bulldozers of the occupation municipality, ranged from houses, buildings, agricultural and animal installations and fences.

– 5 martyrs rose in Jerusalem, including a young man from the occupied interior, who died after an exchange of fire at the Lions Gate, one of the gates of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

More than 340 people received deportation orders from Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Old City, and the city of Jerusalem, in addition to orders preventing them from entering the West Bank.

– At the beginning of this year, extremist settlers burned the Badriya mosque in the village of Sharafat, south of Jerusalem, and days before the end of the year, the settler of the Church of All Nations near the Old City in Jerusalem burned down, while gangs continued to pay the price by damaging vehicle tires and writing anti-Arab slogans throughout the year.

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