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It weighs 70 tons .. Italians mysteriously find a dead whale

The carcass of a 20-meter-long whale discovered at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, which is home to about 3 thousand fin whales; This launched an investigation into how he got there, as well as the cause of his death.

According to a report published by the British newspaper “The Times”, a group of divers found last week in Sorrento, near Naples, a dead fin whale weighing 70 tons, making it the largest of its kind among whales that were stuck and died in the sea. Average.

From the “Tethys” whale watch charity, Madalena Jahoda said that “although the whale’s death circumstances remain unclear, it is possible that the whale has fallen victim to measles, as whales become vulnerable to it when pollution weakens their immune system.” And in 2019, measles killed dozens of dolphins off Tuscany.

The day before the discovery of the body, a younger whale was seen swimming in a turbulent manner inside the port, as it hit the pier with its body and sustained several bloody wounds. In this regard, Jahda explained, “The divers found the biggest whale at the bottom. On the other hand, it is not believed that the dead whale is the small one.”

When the dead whale’s stomach was full of gases, the body floated to the surface of the water, allowing the Coast Guard to tie ropes around and pull it over a period of 3 days to Naples, where marine biologists began examining the body last Wednesday. In general, the authorities hope to be able to display the skeleton in a local museum.

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