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It will change the course of your life … Here are 7 ideas for successful projects after the end of the Corona pandemic

If you dream of becoming your own business and being able to increase your income, then you should be determined and enthusiastic, analyze the market well and discover the area that suits your skills, and then the fluctuations of the economy, lack of funding and lack of experience will not prevent you from achieving your goal.

In a report published by the American Entrepreneur magazine, writer Marisa Sanchez reviews some ideas that may suit many young people and help them change the course of their lives and launch their own projects after the end of the Corona pandemic. We chose 7 ideas for simple projects.

1. Children’s games

Find good suppliers for high-quality games, and get good prices. After that, you should choose e-commerce platforms that ensure that you market your products on the largest scale.

2. Distribution of organic foods

If you are interested in being part of a market whose exports in the United States and the European Union are valued at $ 49 billion, you can become a home distributor of organic fruits and vegetables.

In the beginning, you have to communicate with the producers, and you will find on the websites detailed lists of their products, which makes it easier for you to search and provides guarantees for buyers. Next, create an online portal to publish your directory and how to contact the company.

You should also make sure to schedule the delivery of orders weekly or biweekly, and provide a variety of different payment methods. You can outsource the distribution or purchase an SUV.

Online game supply and marketing among Pixels’ money-generating projects

3. Car dry cleaning

Washing a single car requires about 320 liters of water, and a large car-cleaning company that washes more than 70,000 cars a month needs 210 million liters of water.

Finally, new environmentally friendly cleaning methods have appeared, including dry car cleaning, which has begun to spread in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and others.

And it can launch this project without the need for a huge investment, while choosing the right number of workers according to the levels of demand.

This type of cleaning uses dust-removing polymer materials. Other supplies include buckets, bedding, sponges, polishes, and degreasers.

The most important thing is to choose a suitable location, such as shopping centers and parking lots in commercial and residential complexes.

A car dry cleaning project can be launched without the need for a huge investment (Getty Images)

4. Repair of cell phones

It has become relatively easy to purchase the latest mobile phone models, and hence the need for software update, repair, data recovery and other after-sales services has increased.

Investing in mobile services is a good idea, especially as it does not require a large capital.

And you can open your project in one of the shopping centers that are popular with many people, and you can sell a lot of equipment, such as bags, protective lenses and chargers, as well as providing services in or outside the store.

5. Leasing drones

Drones are used for many purposes, and there are many models in the market that consumers cannot buy despite their need, but they are willing to rent them for hours or days.

If you like the idea, you should contact the suppliers to assemble multi-use models. After that, create a website, post your offers on social media, and target the audience looking for entertainment, companies and agencies that need high-quality photos and videos.

Find a place on a busy street to launch a Pixels pizza project.

6. A pizzeria

Figures indicate, for example, that the United States is the largest consumer of pizza in the world, at an average of 650 million pieces per year, followed by Mexico with a rate of 120 million. Given these numbers, a pizzeria project is a very good idea.

Try to find a place on a busy street, preferably near a park, school or company.

You will need two factors, one making the pizza and the other focusing on customer service. As the project develops, home delivery can be added.

7. A center for communication between children and parents

If you have obtained a training degree in child psychology and are looking for a way to increase your income, you can offer your services by organizing workshops that help parents deal with their children.

You can do this by renting a place close to schools and residential areas, and taking good care of its interior design. This will help you build trust with your audience of children and parents.

You can look for partners to help cover the project expenses. After you start, you can partner with educational centers, and provide specialized services such as emotional assessment and language therapy.

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