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Italian officials say 889 people died of coronavirus overnight, bringing the death toll in the country to 10,023

Italian officials say 889 people died of coronavirus overnight, bringing the death toll in the country to 10,023

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  1. One in every 6000 people in italy has died.

  2. I think the only scenario where this slows down is when Italy runs out of old people to die.

  3. I’m in it right now, hearing helicopters and ambulances while my wife and 3 and 5 yo kids sleep. My parents lives 5minutes walk from home and my 72yo mum was teaching the oldest one to read and watching him playing soccer every day just a month ago. Now I’m gonna be fined if I go outside my house for non essential stuff like buying food or drugs, my kids are Skype calling the people who grew them because we want to be able to live with our elders as much as possible, to teach our kids to live like our parents and teachers did with us some 20 years ago. But we know it’s not just old people, a dearest friend of mine keep sending me daily videos of him cooking weird local recipes and doing funny voices. He’s a 43yo survivor from a blood cancer wich left his immune system in ruins and his wife is a head nurse in one of the biggest Italian hospital. Since mid February they are living in a two room apartment avoiding any contact. Every day she’s out there for her now hell job at least 12h, meanwhile he disinfect their kitchen and only bathroom, cook something special and sleep so when she comes back they can eat and talk through the living room door a couple of hours before she fall asleep on the couch. Some kid died somewhere just because there wasn’t and ambulance or a ICU unit avalaible, until we fight to avoid this happening I know we’re the great country that many people around the world love.

  4. God speed Italy to getting past this.

  5. The good news is that for the past seven days the number of new cases has stopped increasing. Every day is lower than the peak of Saturday 21st March although the second highest number of cases was reported on Thursday 26th March.

    Meanwhile in Spain they’ve had two days in a row where the number of cases has fallen. Today was only the 5th highest in terms of new cases.

  6. Does anybody still think China was telling the truth lol?

  7. Currently, with all closed cases considered. 137,000 ish survived. 28,000 died. That’s a 17% mortality rate. With some places looking like pre Italy’s. This is going to be pretty high in death count. If the stress collapses the economy it will be two fold, at absolute best.

    Edit: as mentioned many times below and correctly so… I think everyone, for the most part, understands the actual mortality rate of the virus is not 17%. This is just closed case data and is highly skewed by open active cases that are or are even are not in the infected count and will not die as a result of the virus. It is still very real data and can be used to draw conclusions, just limited ones. Most single pieces of data are only good for very limited conclusions. There are serval pieces of data to suggest a fairly rough experience in America and a fairly high total world death count by the time this is over though. However, it will not be a 17% mortality rate.

  8. God bless Italy. ♥️

  9. Is Italy going to lose over 100,000 to COVID-19?

  10. I couldn’t imagine being a healthcare worker right now. The amount of stress they’re going through trying to keep these people alive and, in some of the hardest hit places, having to make tough decisions… exposing themselves DAILY to this plague and very likely having to isolate themselves from their families to protect them from exposure so they can’t even go home and try to maintain some normalcy outside of this nightmare

  11. Nearly a 1000 in one night!?!? Jesus Christ…my heart can’t take this.

  12. I wonder what the the world wide death toll will be by the end of this phase of the virus

  13. Wait… Yesterday it was they surpassed 10,000. Then 889 died over night and now its only 10,023?

  14. Thank you China. Without your kind and generous support we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

  15. It’S tHe SaMe As ThE fLu! /s

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