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Italian union workers refuse to resupply Saudi weapons ship over Yemen war

Italian union workers refuse to resupply Saudi weapons ship over Yemen war

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  1. Finally found some people who give a shit. Not politicians, for sure, who talk a lot about “human rights” but Italian union workers. Yay for them!

  2. Damn, that’s pretty awesome. People with scruples – whoddathought.

  3. Imagine that, a world with a conscience

  4. Fantastic.

    Reminiscent of the East Kilbride workers refusing to work on planes used by Pinochet’s regime.

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2020/2/17/italian-union-workers-refuse-to-resupply-saudi-weapons-ship) reduced by 84%. (I’m a bot)
    > Activists said the weapons violate a UN treaty because they could be used against civilians in Yemen, where a Saudi-led military coalition has engaged in a brutal war against Iran-backed Houthis since 2015.

    > Workers refused to load two generators aboard the Saudi boat due to their possible use in the Yemen conflict.

    > The coalition is comprised of several Sunni Arab countries but its pillars are Saudi Arabia and the UAE, both of whom have since 2015 been using warplanes to strike targets in Yemen.

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  6. >The **Bahri-Yanbu** vessel loaded arms in Antwerp, Belgium earlier this month

    Article illustrated with a picture of a completely different ship.

    Its not even the same TYPE of ship.

    Here is a picture of the Bahri-Yanbu, it only took a few seconds to find, more effort than the lazy article writer was willing to put in.


    Worth mentioning that OP is themselves the lazy article writer.
    Spamming /worldnews with shittily rearticles stolen from other news sources is all they do.

    In this case, it is an article stolen from [reuters](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-yemen-security-italy-arms/italy-unions-refuse-to-load-saudi-ship-in-protest-over-yemen-war-idUSKCN1SQ17W), paraphased slightly, then uploaded onto his own site for spamming here.

    12 hours later, mods have not bothered to ban the content stealing spammer – he continues to steal content from news sites and spam his own site.

  7. If more people stand up against government orders, that would force those in government position to actually worry about all the shady things they do, to benefit from those deals.

  8. Dock workers have a long and storied history of exercising their conscience.

    Another example:


  9. This is kind of like the Scottish Rolls Royce workers who refused to work on Chilean engines during the Pinochet Dictatorship.


  10. ….and then, people kinda just started doing more of what they should and less of what they shouldn’t.


  11. Not the first time unions have stood up to military oppression…


    “Nae Pasaran!”

  12. The rich war profiteers ain’t gonna like that.

  13. How the people become heroes and CEO becomes losers.

  14. Awesome!

    If our hypocritical as fuck world leaders can’t do what is right it’s up to us to show them the way.

  15. That’s moral of them. Giving aid to SaudISIS Arabia – you’re only a few degrees of separation away from killing kids

  16. If only America would do the same

  17. That’s how real Men behave!

  18. Yet another reason why everyone should organize their workplaces if they can.

  19. Looks like the US had another weapons market to fill

  20. “union workers”

    Heads up, it’s likely Italy will soon start seeing the same propaganda that led to the demonizing of unions that we see in the US

  21. Your blog is NOT a credible news source.

  22. Weapons to kill the own people . Someone is taking advantage of this

  23. This is balsy particularly in Italy.

  24. Without a permit? They’ll lose their jobs.

  25. They should also do same to Islamic unRepublic occupiers of Iran!

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