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Italy donated equipment to China; now China wants Italy to buy it back

Italy donated equipment to China; now China wants Italy to buy it back

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  1. Livermint.com so must be true af

  2. Sources:
    Wire Agency Feed – Without a credible source
    A White House official without a name!

    How would the USA know of a sale made to Italy anyway? Unless…MK-Ultra?

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  4. Reads like blatant propaganda. No real sources cited.

  5. Website looks sketchy + thing that sounds slightly too evil even for your typical evil asshole + obvious political agenda + no proof = we need a different source + proof.

  6. It is almost guaranteed that any post with China on it will be upvoted blindly without checking of the source, this is the third post I saw today with the top comment being, “invalid source”

  7. Man, that’s a slap to the face. Sure, all politicians lie or don’t keep promises, that’s normal behavior. Seriously though? That’s so low.

    Italy helps the Chinese people in a time of need and Chinese officials have the audacity to not even return the favor but even charge them for their own donated PPE? While hundreds of Italian people, whose tax money undoubtedly went towards those masks, are dying, no less.

  8. The US makes propaganda too.

  9. Maybe this is western propaganda – fake news.

    Our leaders are always going on about Russian and Chinese stirring the pot, well maybe our leaders are making this up just to ‘sow division.’

  10. some mods dislike this post.

  11. Could be true, countries being shitty in times of COVID-19 has stopped surprising me, but without a legit source I’m not blindly believing this.

  12. China can go fuck themselves

  13. China is plain evil. They covered up the virus and allowed it spread and then hid important statistical data on the virus. Now they want to play the hero while also manipulating the media and WHO.


  14. Dude China’s government is full of fuckin dicks. Why do people even try to help China?

  15. You lost me at

    >The China-originated bug

  16. Another time where Reddit could have just wait a little before praising something as so cool and heartwarming

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