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Italy has banned funerals. Now, after coronavirus patients die alone, they are buried alone too

Italy has banned funerals. Now, after coronavirus patients die alone, they are buried alone too

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  1. That’s just damn sad.

  2. At least i hope they keep good records so when this is over people could visit the right graves

  3. I feel like a lot of commenters in this thread have not had a close loved one die. The pain feels insurmountable. The physical closeness of your family and friends is absolutely critical. The ritual of group morning is priceless.

    What’s happening to these people in unspeakable pain is a nightmare akin to torture. My heart goes out to them. I grieve with them and hope they find a way to cope.

  4. I guess the latter doesn’t matter that much to the patients in that phase.

  5. The funeral industry is pretty predatory anyway, taking advantage of mourning families for insane prices.

  6. What are the logistics of the death bodies in Italy at the moment? There have been reports that the crematoriums are overwhelmed, that the army got involved in transporting the bodies and so forth?

    I imagine the death toll they’re facing is causing them to have a huge logistical challenge? Are there or are there likely to be mass graves?

    And what could we learn from their experience, if there is anything to learn?

  7. It’s so sad. I get it but it’s heartbreaking.

  8. I can’t fathom not being allowed to bury a child or loved one.

  9. Honestly, pile all the bodies up and cremate them. Once the virus cools down and gets under control, hold a grand public funeral. Have a few politicians speak. The loved once will be in a big crowd of loved ones of others. Might not be what they want the most, but maybe for the Best if the bodies keep piling up. Just a thought i had.

  10. Fuck I was just wondering last week what happens to the funerals for people dying,
    not just of coronavirus but anything at this time when people can’t gather.

    Funerals offer some bit of closure for loved ones. Banning them is unimaginable for someone who has lost someone. Fucking heartbreaking shit right there.

  11. How will anyone get closure? This just adds insult to injury and after this calms down Italy will have a lot of very upset and likely frustrated people who won’t know what to do with there emotions.

  12. where i live, it’s part of our culture for family and friends of the deceased to spend at least 3 days together, eating, drinking, sleeping, singing, mourning/celebrating with their loved one who has passed. for me it’s unthinkable for someone to be buried without loved ones standing by to wish them farewell in any culture, but i know this is coming our way and this is how it will have to be. the thought of it just breaks my heart. RIP.

  13. Cadavers don’t notice things like that

  14. their logic if no one can have a funeral then no more people will die

    makes sense.

  15. 1. The living can have a memorial service or some other type of celebration of life once COVID-19 is behind us.
    2. Why are we burying people in 2020? So silly

  16. I’m sure the deceased don’t mind

  17. You’re not alone when you’re dead, you don’t exist any more. Only your body exists at that point.

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