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Italy reports 602 new coronavirus deaths, the number dropping for a second day in a row

Italy reports 602 new coronavirus deaths, the number dropping for a second day in a row

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  1. I fucking hope this downward trend continues. Mercy for Italy! They have paid a massive price already.

  2. There is also a bit of a slowdown when it comes to new confirmed cases.

    Date | Confirmed Cases | Deaths
    2020-03-14 | 21,157 (+20%) | 1,441 (+175)
    2020-03-15 | 24,747 (+17%) | 1,809 (+368)
    2020-03-16 | 27,980 (+13%) | 2,158 (+349)
    2020-03-17 | 31,506 (+13%) | 2,503 (+345)
    2020-03-18 | 35,713 (+13%) | 2,978 (+475)
    2020-03-19 | 41,035 (+15%) | 3,405 (+427)
    2020-03-20 | 47,021 (+15%) | 4,032 (+627)
    2020-03-21 | 53,578 (+14%) | 4,825 (+793)
    2020-03-22 | 59,138 (+10%) | 5,476 (+651)
    2020-03-23 | 63,927 (+8%) | 6,077 (+601)

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_Italy

  3. This fits perfectly with when you’d expect improvement from the time they enforced the major lockdown on 11th March. The proof is [hopefully] in the pudding. Let’s hope that like China they continue on this general trajectory. And of course they may well be the first guinea pigs for the ‘what next?’ scenario.

  4. Don’t get too hung up on the day-to-day stats. Two days is not enough to establish a trend reversal.

    Still, it’s been just over 2 weeks since they went into full lockdown, which is about when we would expect to see a trend reversal. So, it’s cause for cautious optimism at least.

  5. Who thought we’d see the day when 600 deaths was good news? Bloody hell.

  6. Hate to be that guy…but their cases in critical units rose with 200. They now have 3200 in critical condition. Meaning those 600 that died probably went from the critical condition count. And still with those subtracted the number of patients on critical care rise.

    That’s the number all healthcare professionals are worried about. Number of critical cases exceeding the capacity, cus the virus is not that lethal to the general public when treated in a critical care unit. It’s ofc to harsh on the human system when the human in question already is struggling with another illness – but most that were healthy before survive with adequate care.

    Luckily it seems Russia, China and Cuba had come to Italy’s aid. How strange times to live in for us who grew up with the iron curtain.

  7. It’s good to hear, but unfortunately the trend fluctuates, and the numbers go [slightly down](https://i.imgur.com/0yuvGpN.jpg) for the weekends.

  8. For anyone still skeptical that this is serious, people are celebrating that this number is down from previous days. 600 deaths is a good day.

  9. so what happens when lockdown is lifted somewhat?

  10. Could you have ever imagined in a million years that we would be *hopeful* because only 602 died in this one country in this one day (aside from “normal” deaths)?

  11. This is bittersweet. Italy may finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but at the cost of so many lives…

  12. The confirmed cases are also dropping! C’mon Italy!!! We are all rooting for you!

  13. Man, i know it is declining but 600 still way to much for a day in one country.

  14. Jesus. Is there a reason that this has been so catastrophic for Italy over other countries? I’ve seen people say the massive anti-vaccine movement in the country is to blame or the fact that everyone lives so close to one another or even the tourism but these numbers are just unbelievable.

  15. What do they do next? How do they know that things are under control enough to relax the quarantine? Do they wait to they have zero new cases and then wait two weeks? Are they going to relax the quarantine before there are zero new cases?

  16. I hope the world learns from this. So we can take the next one much better. Third time is NOT the charm.

  17. Nice! Let’s hope this trend continues, I want to give my tourism money to their economy when I can!

  18. “Expect media coverage to shift to Spain by Wednesday.”

  19. is 2 days really a trend?

  20. flamethrowers starting to work it seems

  21. it is going up again 🙁

  22. Imagine, at one point, doctors and nurses will look at each other and see that they have not had new patients for couple of hours.

  23. That’s 602 new deaths, for one day, in what we are celebrating as a sign of a downward trend…

    Just in case any fuck tards (like the owner of my company and his fake titty HR bot) dont believe that this is actually the real deal, by now.

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