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Italy reports 6,153 new cases and 662 new deaths.

Italy reports 6,153 new cases and 662 new deaths.

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  1. Increase in number of cases is largely due to a much higher number of tests today.

    New infections as a % of tests

    March 21: 24.90% (6,557/26,336)

    March 22: 22.08% (5,560/25,180)

    March 23: 28.06% (4,789/17,066)

    March 24: 24.42% (5,249/21,496)

    March 25: 18.96% (5,210/27,481)

    March 26: 16.80% (6,153/36,615)

  2. This is slightly incorrect as Worldometers has updated to 712 deaths. From the website:

    6153 new cases and 712 new deaths in Italy. Worldometer has contacted Piedmont officials directly and received confirmation that the number of deaths in the region is 499, 50 more than reported in the Protezione Civile’s bulletin today, We have checked the totals by region and can confirm that the total number of deaths in Italy as of today is 8,215 rather than 8,165 incorrectly reported by Protezione Civile

  3. For reference, that’s more cases than yesterday (5,210 new cases yesterday), but fewer deaths (683 deaths yesterday)

    Unfortunately, that’s the 2nd highest single day number of new cases, so that’s not good. But cautiously optimistic that the number of deaths is not longer in the 700+ range

    Reference: [https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/](https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/italy/)

    Edit: According to OP, rise in cases linked to much higher number of tests – that makes these numbers a bit less ominous, which is good

  4. Does anyone here think this will be over in less than six months?

  5. the fact that deaths have stopped increasing day to day for a few days now is good sign, if that’s plateauing then it’s a sign that new infections are too. (with case numbers primarily increasing due to test numbers.)

  6. 712 new deaths now reported.

  7. Why isn’t it slowing down?..

  8. the day isn‘t over though

  9. That is so deaths are equal to 10% of new cases.

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