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Italy sees virus cases rise 45% in a day; deaths up to 11

Italy sees virus cases rise 45% in a day; deaths up to 11

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  1. Worth noting that this is because they have started proactively testing a lot of people in the affected areas.

  2. Not gonna lie. The whole “Nothing to see here citizen! Do not be alarmed!!!” line that was being pushed just a few weeks ago; is not aging well.

  3. I’m just waiting for this virus to fucking bankrupt millions of people in the states that are stuck in-between health insurance and Medicare.

  4. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://apnews.com/6268e9441f590fbc625221c1c77cf471) reduced by 91%. (I’m a bot)
    > An Italian couple from the afflicted north tested positive in the Canary Islands off Africa, forcing the quarantine of their hotel in what one guest said felt like being "Monkeys in a cage." Austria, Croatia and Switzerland reported their first cases, all in people who recently traveled to Italy.

    > Amid increasing cases and distribution problems with protective gear and test kits, Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte defended the measures Italy has taken to contain the outbreak and predicted a stabilizing of numbers soon.

    > In another hotbed of the virus outbreak – Veneto's tiny town of Vo'Euganeo, which has most of Veneto's 43 cases – local authorities were still planning to test all 3,300 residents and 600 acting hospital staff.

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  5. At least Italy seems to be running accurate tests in a timely fashion and releasing numbers. I am sure they are scrambling to contain this now but I respect their data.

  6. Thank you so much Italy, for reporting the real numbers, and treating this as the real threat that it is.

    May all good be on your side.

  7. Is there a reason why death rate is faster in Italy than elsewhere?

    Never been to Italy, is the medical facilities easily accessible from all the towns?

  8. I read the other day, about the infection spreading in Italy, that the reason Italy is having the highest numbers is because they were running tests from the start – as opposed to other European countries that just now starting testing. Can’t promise you the reliability on that source tho

  9. Also Iran is hiding their numbers poorly. People bitched that China was fudging number. Look at Iran. 95 cases but 16 deaths and it’s been confirmed that people who travelled to Iran have got it upon return to their original country.

  10. Every country is suddenly realizing this isn’t just a common cold and WHO is still so far up China’s butthole.

  11. Don’t worry. Trump’s got this.

  12. Serious question: the population of Italy is 60.5 million. So now 0.000000018 of the population have the virus. Why is this news?

  13. what does this have to do with kobe

  14. China eats Donkey and so does Italy… I’m just saying

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