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Italy uncovers plot to create new Nazi party

Italy uncovers plot to create new Nazi party

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  1. Dont you folks remember… eh what was it called…. world war 2

  2. Money on it being funded by Putin.

  3. Someone find Moussolini! I need to ask him how it went for fascism for Italy in the 40s.

  4. Steve Bannon, Trump’s former pal, was recently trying to purchase a monastery in Italy to establish a sort of academy for far-right politics, and was inquiring about starting a new right-wing party in Europe.

    Probably unrelated.

  5. Find out who is sponsoring all of this.

  6. So lega north will have some competition

  7. >In November two men connected to another group of Nazi sympathizers were arrested on suspicion of planning to attack a mosque.

    The far right are scum

  8. Because the last Nazi party was such a wild success /s

  9. I mean, haven’t neo-Nazis been a thing for quite a long time? How is this any different?

  10. Do they know that they lost?

  11. Remember that Mussolini started fascism a decade before the Germans got their hold on it. They’ll try again.

  12. History doesn’t repeat itself. But it does rhyme…

  13. Sting is right, history will teach us nothing

  14. Peole really out there defending the cancer that is the far right.

    I hope we, as a specie, destroy this cancer before it can do the harm it dealt us during WWII

  15. It’s called “Le GOP”

  16. Air to air missiles? Did they also have a fighter jet?

  17. Yeah that went well the last time

  18. Just ‘another’ political party, as was the original.

  19. “In Italy “defense of fascism” and efforts to revive fascist parties are crimes.”


  20. White Supremacist’s Lives Don’t Matter.

  21. This is so frightening that people are actually organizing to resurrect the Nazi Party again, we have to be vigilant to never repeat that horror again

  22. In America we call it the alt-right because we don’t wanna offend them by calling them out.

  23. Oh, the GOP? Yeah they’ve been around for a while…

  24. You know, it’d be really good to let them create one, wait a year or two, then make sure everyone involved never get into any public or political role again.

    Sort of self-elimination.

  25. Wasn’t Bannon kicked out of Italy for trying to create a new populist party?

  26. Imagine Italians larping at being Nazis. Their grandparents had all the evil intent but absolutely none of the efficacy.

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